Scope of PG in Digital Marketing? Let's Find Out

Digital marketing has grown exponentially in the last few years. Every type of business uses digital marketing to achieve its goals. Whether these be to get more exposure, gain customers, or increase revenue. As per the Goldman Sachs report, by 2025, the market for Digital marketing will reach up to $160 billion in India alone. This makes digital marketing a sought-after career path in India and across the globe. 

Understanding Post-Graduation in Digital Marketing

To become a digital marketing professional, you need to understand the basics and then become a specialist in the field. A PG in digital marketing is designed in such a way to provide you with the essential knowledge and then equip you with the practical and specialist skills needed to succeed in the job. 


In a PG in digital marketing, you will learn and receive practical training in tools, methods, and techniques of this domain. In today’s scenario, an impactful digital presence is essential to survive and succeed in every business field. As such, a postgraduate in digital marketing course imparts you with the skills to make it big and get amazing job and growth opportunities in any business domain you want. 

PG in Digital Marketing- More Information

A postgraduate in digital marketing is a professional course that is typically divided into modules with learning based on theory as well as practical. It is a structured approach to learning where your instructors are professionals and experts in the field. You get extensive knowledge of digital marketing, practical experience, and training in soft skills as well. And after course completion, you get an in-demand professional certification that will take your career to new heights.

Some of the areas covered under the PG in digital marketing program include the following.

Google Ads

Google Analytics


Influencer Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Email Marketing


Ad Scripting

Landing Pages



Programmatic Ads

Modules and semesters vary from one institute to another, but these are the essential knowledge areas you should look out for. Other than these, you also learn soft skills like honing your verbal and written communication and advanced knowledge of cutting-edge digital marketing tools and technologies. 

Job Opportunities After PG in Digital Marketing in India

There are extensive job options available in the rapidly growing digital marketing industry in India. Not only do you get opportunities in digital marketing agencies, but in every business domain as a digital presence is essential to succeed in today’s business scenario. Here are some of the digital marketing jobs that are available after completing your post-graduation in digital marketing. 

These are just a small sample of jobs available after completing your post-graduation in digital marketing. There is a whole world out there for you to conquer armed with a PG in digital marketing

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Search Engine Marketers
  • SEO Manager
  • SEO Specialist
  • Campaign Managers
  • Client Servicing Managers
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Web Designer & Developer
  • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimizer) Experts
  • Copywriter

Industries Hiring Digital Marketing Graduates

Digital marketing is an essential requirement for a business to stay relevant and profitable in today’s scenario. As such, a PG in digital marketing becomes the key to getting coveted jobs in any industry. Some of the industries that prefer digital marketing graduates are as below.







PR firms

Training & Education



Social Media 

Food & Services


Music Industry

Movies & Entertainment 

Publishing Industry

Salary After PG in Digital Marketing

Salary after completing post-graduation in digital marketing depends on your prior experience, portfolio, and negotiation skills you have. Newbies in the field can expect a package between 4 to 5 lakhs per annum. Those with previous experience and higher job designations get anywhere from 8 to 15 lakhs and more. And these are just domestic salary ranges. Average digital marketing salaries in the USA range between $60,000 to $86,000 and £42,500 to £55,000 in the UK. 

Reasons to Pursue a PG in Digital Marketing Program

post-graduate in digital marketing course is a professional program that equips you with the skills, in-depth knowledge, and industry-recognized certifications to pursue a successful career in digital marketing. Along with that, here are some other advantages of pursuing a PG in digital marketing program. 

Digital marketing is a constantly evolving field with innovations and new and exciting technologies introduced every day. With a PG in digital marketing, you learn and gain practical experience in these new technologies. It enhances your career prospects as you bring value to the organizations hiring you.

post-graduate in digital marketing program is specifically designed to help you build the in-demand skills from the experts in the field. These are full-fledged courses with in-depth learning that create a strong foundation and build your managerial skills and technical expertise.  

post-graduation in digital marketing from a reputed institute like DADE are industry-recognized courses that have international acceptance. A PG in digital marketing from DADE will open the gateway for you to pursue an international career in the field. 

PG in digital marketing helps you make connections and build a professional network. This network and industry connections help you avail yourself of the different career opportunities as well as build your own business. 

postgraduate in digital marketing is an in-demand course that increases your job prospects and boosts your career to another level.

PG in digital marketing equips you with the knowledge, practical experience, and professional connections to start a successful business or a freelancing career. 

postgraduate in digital marketing program can be completed through online modes and through regular offline classes too. Both of these modes of learning are credible and recognized globally. 

Best Institute to Pursue PG in Digital Marketing

Digifine Academy (DADE) is one of the best digital marketing institutes in Mumbai. Over the period of 4 years, DADE has trained and placed 2000+ students in prestigious and reputed companies all over the world.  

Digifine Academy's PG in Digital Marketing Course

Digifine Academy runs an 8-month intensive Post-Graduation in Digital Marketing Program. Through this intensive course, our students learn digital marketing from an international perspective. It is the only PG in digital marketing course in Mumbai that provides strategic management and data analytics training along with digital marketing. And you get international exposure and certifications through global training along with a 100% internship and a placement guarantee.


Some key features of Digifine Academy’s Post Graduation in Digital Marketing program are: 


Complete digital marketing training in Mumbai along with strategic management and data analysis training.

  • International certificate for Strategic Management 
  • 230+ hours of live classes
  • 11 certifications 
  • Global training offering 
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Industry tools mastery
  • 100% placement assurance
  • Post course support

Final Thoughts

There is tremendous scope for postgraduate in digital marketing programs. PG in digital marketing equips you with the right skill sets and arms you with a professional certification to forge a highly successful career in the industry. 


Ans. A PG in digital marketing is a professional course that equips you with the technical know-how and practical skills in the digital marketing field.

Ans. Yes, graduates from any field can apply for a postgraduate diploma in digital marketing

Ans. Yes, digital marketing courses have a flexible mode of instruction. Depending upon the institution, you can learn digital marketing through both online and offline modes.  

Ans. Post-Graduation in Digital marketing is a high demand course. It equips you with in-demand and desired skills to create a successful career. 

Ans. A PG in digital marketing opens doors for you not only in marketing agencies but in other sectors as well. Businesses and organizations across multiple domains hire digital marketing graduates to achieve their business goals.