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  • 8 months intensive training program
  • Practical Approach
  • International Certificates


  • In-house
  • Industry Experts
  • International/Visiting
  • Faculties


  • Learn from International Perspective
  • Network with industry leaders


  • Resume Building
  • Portfolio Building
  • Mock Interviews
  • 100% Placement Assistance


Become a seasoned professional with the best digital marketing classes in Mumbai. Get international certifications and practical digital marketing classes from a globally recognized institute. Master cutting-edge tools and gain immense industry exposure all in one place.


  • Introduction 
  • Understanding digital marketing platforms
  • Why digital marketing?
  • Difference between digital marketing & traditional marketing

Learning Keyword Research and Media Planning, creating Display Ads, Remarketing campaigns, and understanding Shopping Network.

  • Search Network
  • Display Network
  • Video Network
  • App Network Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • Remarketing/Conversion

Understanding major Social Media channels, Social Media best practices and techniques for optimizing Social Media handles.

  • Facebook Marketing 
  • Instagram Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing 
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Snapchat Marketing
  • Social Media Optimization

Understanding usage of Email as a promotional tool for a business, learning to set up and use best industry tools and creating professional campaigns.

  • Setting up Mailchimp account 
  • Generating an audience 
  • Creating mail campaigns 
  • Testing and designing 
  • Reporting

Learning influence of a positive reputation on a business, how to manage a business’s reputation online and best practices for maximum consumer engagement

  • Overview of Online Reputation Management 
  • Platforms to manage ORM
  • Case studies 
  • Tools used 
  • Assignments 

Learning SEO best practices based on latest industry and technological requirements, understanding organic search and significance of search engine page rankings.

  • How search engines work
  • Keyword Research 
  • Search console/Webmasters
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

Measuring and tracking advertising campaigns across Google Inventory and implementing best practices with the help of insights gained. 

  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Google Analytics Interface
  • Measuring campaigns 
  • Tracking campaigns 
  • Reporting 

Learning the importance of content marketing as an advertising strategy , types of content a business can create, understanding and implementing content psychology optimum practices.

  • Understanding difference between content marketing and Ad scripting 
  • Writing psychology 
  • Layout psychology 
  • Layout writing 
  • Story telling technique 

Using WhatsApp as a tool for marketing, best WhatsApp Marketing strategies, techniques for WhatsApp Marketing

  • Importance of WhatsApp Marketing 
  • Tools required for WhatsApp Marketing
  • Sending WhatsApp messages in bulk
  • WhatsApp Marketing Reporting System

Understanding significance of Landing Pages, Landing Page creation and management, Landing Pages best practices for capturing leads.

  • Introduction to Landing Page 
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Landing Page Creation
  • Building a Landing Page which converts 
  • Landing Page Funnel

Influencer Marketing overview and best strategies to improve engagement on social media platforms and boost conversions through Influencer partnerships.

  • How to map right influencer 
  • How to connect with influencers
  • Brand collaboration briefing 
  • Influencer marketing campaign 
  • Influencer marketing reporting 

Understanding significance of Mobile Marketing, creating effective campaigns, best practices to capture maximum consumers through Mobile Ads, tracking and analyzing campaigns.

  • Mobile Marketing ads on social media and Google Ads
  • Tracking mobile marketing performance 
  • Mobile marketing campaign activation 
  • Mobile marketing reporting

Learning to create structured and professional websites using the most used industry software, setting up and customizing websites, using plugins and effective techniques to engage and capture consumers.

  • Understanding Domain Name and Domain Hosting 
  • WordPress Setup
  • Theme customization 
  • Plugins 
  • WooCommerce Setup
  • Creating Landing Pages 
  • Order Management System

Learning HTML codes for creating and structuring websites, learning CSS, best HTML practices for Search Engine Optimization.

  • Getting started with Visual Studio
  • HTML Format
  • HTML Tags
  • CSS
  • Linking HTML with CSS
  • Creating an HTML website 
  • Hosting the website 

Understanding the use of automation to buy advertising space on the internet, how to use Real Time Bidding, Media Planning and Pixel Setup best practices, learning to create Youtube Ads.

  • Introduction to Programmatic Media Buying 
  • Understanding Real Time Bidding
  • DV360 platform and UI walkthrough 
  • Programmatic Media Planning 
  • Pixel Setup 
  • Creating Youtube Ads and Live Items

Understanding decision making and goal planning in top management of major companies, learning the significance of strategic management in marketing, and formulating and implementing best advertising strategies.

  • PEST Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • 7S model
  • Porter’s Five Forces 
  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Total Quality Management

Understanding how to create brand awareness and maintain positive reputation, reflecting core value of the brand through product/service offered to the target audience, learning about best techniques used.

  • Brand exercise
  • Evaluation of Brand Attribution
  • Return on Brand Investment
  • Setting up Brand Mission and Vision

Learning how E-Commerce helps a business grow, how to create a structured E-Commerce website to sell products/services, and the best advertising strategies for E-Commerce management.

  • Introduction to E-Commerce Management 
  • Setting up Seller Account
  • Product Listing
  • E-Commerce Advertising
  • Reporting

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Why choose Digifine for a Digital Marketing Classes in Mumbai?

Learn digital marketing with globally recognized courses that are designed by industry experts from a practical perspective. Digifine is the only best digital marketing institute classes in Mumbai, India offering a 100% placement guarantee along with several professional and international certifications that help you boost your career immensely. The faculty at Digifine is not only highly experienced, but also incredibly encouraging and supportive in fostering a warm learning environment in the digital marketing classes.

get jobs at the top digital marketing agencies in Mumbai

from IBMI Institute in Berlin, Germany for the Strategic Management Module

with unique modules like Microsoft Excel & Strategic Management

including portfolio-building, resume-building & mock interviews

industry-recognized courses designed by international standards

 learn through live projects and a hands-on approach to gain industry exposure.

industry experts with years of expertise in the digital marketing field

Digifine is here to help you even after you have graduated from the institute. Get the best guidance without hesitation from friendly and encouraging trainers at any time.

Our Placement Partners

At Digifine digital marketing classes in Mumbai, we place our students in a wide range of companies and organizations offering incredible industry exposure and experience. Being in this industry for a long time, we have established solid and valuable connections with companies and organizations in digital marketing and related sectors. This gives our digital marketing institute in Mumbai as well as our students an upper hand over everyone else for internships and placements.

How Do I Make a Career In The Digital Marketing Field?

Digital marketing is one of the leading fields for anyone looking to break into the industry. As the need for skilled digital marketers grows, you can make the most of the chance to build a dynamic portfolio and step into the digital realm with the best digital marketing institute in Mumbai. The comprehensive and unique courses, live projects and expert faculty at Digifine can help you get digital marketing classes from the basics to advanced concepts with absolute ease. With a 100% placement guarantee and post-course support from the institute, nothing can stop you from achieving your professional goals and becoming a seasoned digital marketer.








Digifine Professional Digital Marketing Classes in Mumbai Key Features

  • Professional course covering all aspects of digital marketing
  • Live projects 
  • 190+ hours of live class
  • 7 certifications 
  • One-on-one mentoring 
  • 100% placement assurance 
  • Post course support 
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Data Analytics & International Certification.

Who can enroll for the Digifine Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing Classes?

Digifine Academy’s is the best digital marketing institute in Mumbai offering courses that are tailored to fit everyone’s needs, whether you are a school or college student, working professional, entrepreneur or are simply interested in learning digital marketing. The professional digital marketing diploma program is designed by industry experts who have taken multiple perspectives into consideration. You can access some of the best digital marketing classes that will start from scratch and equip you with the expertise to master all the essential tools, techniques and practices in the field. Learn from the most encouraging and supportive faculty and advance your career in digital marketing!

Professional Digital Marketing Classes in Mumbai Certifications

Earn several professional and international certifications on the completion of your course at the best digital marketing institute in Mumbai.

Best Professional Digital Marketing Classes in Mumbai, FAQs

Digifine is the best digital marketing institute in Mumbai that offers globally recognized courses that have a comprehensive syllabus which is designed by industry experts and is at par with international standards.

The program isn’t necessarily too hard or easy. Throughout your digital marketing classes, you will be posed with several real-time problems and challenges as well as trained on how to solve them. Digifine is the best digital marketing institute in India that aims to make you a competent and confident professional who is capable of overcoming hardships and advancing their career. If you have the dedication, persistence and willingness to learn, then Digifine’s professional digital marketing diploma program will be an extremely rewarding and valuable experience for you.

Digital marketing is one of the most dynamic fields in today’s digital era. Due to this, the demand for skilled digital marketers has shot up tremendously. After doing Digifine’s digital marketing classes, through our 100% placement guarantee, you will have great career prospects and can find highly rewarding job opportunities at some of the top digital marketing agencies in India.

Absolutely! Digifine offers you a no-cost EMI option to pay your course fees comfortably.

After the completion of your professional diploma program at the best digital marketing institute in Mumbai, you will receive a 100% placement guarantee from Digifine. If you are a complete fresher, you can expect a package of around 2.5 – 5.5 LPA, which can vary or go higher depending on your work experience and interview performance.

If you wish to learn from the best digital marketing institute in Mumbai at an advanced and professional level, then Digifine’s professional diploma in digital marketing classes for the duration of 7-8 months is the perfect fit for you.

A good digital marketing professional must possess a wide range of skills including, but not limited to – Search Engine Optimization, Paid Marketing, Website Development, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, Email Marketing, Google Analytics, etc. Digifine Academy’s digital marketing classes in Mumbai cover all of these aspects and equip you with the top industry-relevant skills and tools.

Definitely! Anyone with a willingness to learn can register for digital marketing classes at Digifine. 

Digital marketing is not a degree but rather a certification course that is globally recognized and given by the best digital marketing institute in Mumbai, India.

Yes, you can attend the digital marketing classes offered by Digifine in the online mode as well.

Professional Digital Marketing Program- Download Brochure

Salient Features 0f Digifine Academy's Professional Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai

Digifine Academy’s Advanced Digital Marketing Course offers mastery over digital marketing channels and techniques like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, Website Development, Programmatic Media Buying, etc. It is the best advanced digital marketing course in Mumbai that offers a 100% placement guarantee. It is taught by industry professionals who offer digital marketing training with live projects. This course is ideal for professionals looking to master industry tools in 3-4 months.

Best Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai, Andheri

Digifine, the prominent digital marketing classes in Mumbai, offers the best digital marketing courses in mumbai with a 100% placement guarantee. Our courses are globally recognized and cover all facets of digital marketing. Our Industry Advisory Panel consists of renowned experts who have worked with some of the world’s most influential brands and companies. We offer guaranteed internships and placements with industry-leading digital marketing firms and organizations all over India. We also provide all-time post-course support to our students even after completion of the course. We train our students to become the best in their field and surge in their careers ahead.

Course Syllabus

The course syllabus of Digifine Academy’s advanced digital marketing course consists of in-depth digital marketing knowledge combined with practical industry experience. The course consists of 18 modules that are 80% practical and 20% theory. Along with digital marketing, our students get training in programmatic media buying, and strategic, brand, and e-commerce management.