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About Digifine Academy Of Digital Education (DADE)?

Digifine is a premium educational institute offering unique digital marketing courses with placement in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Jaipur and many more cities in India. Our main aim is to impart high-caliber digital marketing training institute in Mumbai to learners. Our courses focus on an extensive strategic and practical approach, learning through live ad campaigns and web projects and providing exceptional industry insights.  So kick start your career with the best Institute offering Best Digital Marketing Course Training In Mumbai and make the most of your career.

Our Courses

Why Digifine Digital Marketing Course With Placements in Mumbai?

The Digifine Digital Marketing Graduate Course in Mumbai is the first of its kind because it not only teaches digital marketing but also how to implement it through strategic management. & data science. It is theoretical knowledge applied right.

Digifine offers an international certificate for the Strategic Management module from IBMI Institute (Berlin, Germany) and Digifine’s courses are designed according to international standards.

When you want to set global industry standards, you tune into the industry. That’s what we did by creating the Industry Advisory Panel, full of experts who’ve worked with some of the world’s most influential tech brands, which helps us make sure our courses are at par with the industry standards.

Students of Digifine receive around-the-globe training which makes them industry-ready.


We offer our students all-time post course support. We’re there to guide them not only when they’re learning with us but even after they make it into their careers.

Digifine, unlike other organizations, provides its students with 100%

Placement guarantee, making it the best digital marketing training institute in Mumbai.

100% Placement Post Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai

Our Placement Partners

At Digifine, we place our students in a wide range of companies offering great industry exposure and experience. Being in this industry for a long time, we have established our connections with companies that give us an upper hand over everyone else

Digifine Digital Marketing Graduate Program Certifications

Digifine Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai certifications are globally recognized. Our curriculum has been designed by experts not just from India but from different part of the world, this help us impart global level of Industry knowledge to our students.  

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