Understanding the Curriculum: What a Top-notch Digital Marketing Course Should Cover

Understanding the Curriculum: What a Top-notch Digital Marketing Course Should Cover

Are you looking to learn Digital Marketing? Wonder how to choose the perfect course that will cater to all your needs and equip you with the right knowledge and tools required to build a successful career in Digital Marketing? This article will include all the essential aspects of what a top-notch digital marketing course should cover, what kind of course curriculum would be apt for you to be able to learn the full crux of Digital Marketing and the best digital marketing course in 2024.

  • Advertising

Google Ads – creation, bidding strategy, budgeting, campaign design, media planning, audience targeting, etc. for different ad types like shopping ads, app network ads, search network ads, video network ads, ect. This should also include strategies of remarketing and conversion like building campaigns and tracking for these purposes. OTT Advertising is also a chief aspect of this wherein you should be cognizant of how OTT ads and platforms work and how navigating this with different streaming devices works.


  • Social Media Marketing 

Marketing on Different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Twitter, and how to advertise and structure marketing campaigns for each of them as well as budgeting, bidding, audience targeting and tracking. Influencer Marketing 


  •  Social Media Optimization

Simply learning to market on social media is not enough for a well-rounded understanding of digital marketing vis-a-vis social media. Optimization is equally important. You should know what SMO means and why it’s really important to a brand, learn different techniques for optimizing a brand’s social media handle, creating social media content, managing multiple platforms, and so on.


  •  Email Marketing

Technology may have taken us far ahead and it might seem a little odd to consider emails in the age of things like AI and Big Data. But even today, email marketing continues to enjoy a pretty large audience that drives sales and especially helps in personalization and retention. You would have to be able to master good email marketing tools like Mailchimp, etc. as well as learn what goes into structuring the perfect emails for a good email marketing campaign.


  •  Online Reputation Management (ORM)

With the burgeoning importance of online presence in the digital age, managing their online reputation is extremely vital for a brand. You will need to learn how to analyze how to do this across multiple platforms and use relevant tools to make your work effective.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The prominence of search engine optimization is increasing by the day as brands realize that this is an organic, long-term, cost-effective and highly rewarding way for them to increase their online visibility, especially on search engines like Google. A few good tools are out there to make your SEO practices better and efficient, and you must be adept with these. Besides this, focusing on each of the SEO Types (On-Page and Off-Page) is important. They would mainly entail learning about keywords, meta titles and descriptions, link-building, social bookmarking, etc. Good SEO strategies are indispensable for businesses.


  • Google Analytics

Analytics tools are key to Digital Marketing. This is because nearly everything from formulating any kind of campaign strategy, running it smoothing and tracking its cross-platform performance, to analyzing and deriving conclusions from it and future planning, all of it is highly dependent on analytics reports and results. Google Analytics is by far the most popular, efficient and widely used one. It would thus be most essential for you to know how it works, how to set it up, understanding its interface, reporting, tracking and other features.


  • Website Development

A business cannot have any online visibility without a website to represent it and affirm its credibility. This is why developing a website is of paramount importance for any brand before even being able to carry out campaigns and other digital marketing strategies. This however, entails a lot of details that you will have to be aware of, such as buying domain name, choosing a theme, plugins, product listing, landing pages, order management system, etc. WordPress, WooCommerce, HTML and CSS are pertinent tools for this purpose. 


  • Programmatic Advertising / Media Buying

Programmatic Media buying involves the purchasing of ad space by advertisers in order to increase their brand’s visibility. It is a pivotal component of fruitful digital marketing strategies. Two prominent platforms for carrying this out are DV360 and Google Ads, and being proficient with them will take you a long way. Besides that, this process of buying ad space entails Real-time Bidding (RTB), creation of ads, campaigns and reports, Youtube Ads, etc. Hence, a course that covers all such specifics would be most beneficial for you.


  •  Strategic Management

Strategic Management can be considered as one the core components of a good digital marketing course. As the name suggests, it involves the calculated direction and running of a business’s resources in order to reach its specific goals. For this purpose, PEST and SWOT analysis are two great techniques to understand the environment and market in which a brand competes. Other aspects important to learn in this regard are total quality management, growth-share matrix, linear responsibility chart, blue ocean strategy, etc. 


  • Data Analytics

One of the most revolutionary additions to the field of digital marketing is Data Analytics. Its principles practically form the building blocks of Analytics tools since it is said that “data is the new oil” and digital marketing has everything to do with data and its patterns. Data Visualization and programming play an important role in data analytics. You would need to be skilled at some programming language like R and a good visualization tool like Tableau in order to be able to conduct competent marketing analytics.


  • Brand Management

Good branding is crucial to building online presence for your business. This is why you must be deft with the concepts of brand management including setting up brand mission and vision, ROBI (Return on Brand Investment), brand attribution, etc. 


  • E-Commerce 

E-commerce is a rather self-explanatory concept referring to the online trade of goods and services. It is a booming industry today and a significant part of digital marketing. Product listing, E-commerce advertising, Managing a seller account are some practical concepts you have to be conversant with in order to help brands run successful digital marketing campaigns and apply result-based strategies.

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