Types of Digital Marketing & Their Scope in 2024

Types of Digital Marketing & Their Scope in 2024

The digital landscape has evolved to an unimaginable extent in the past two decades. With fast-paced changes in the way the simplest things were carried out, the implementation of marketing tactics also underwent a sharp shift. Digital marketing came to the forefront with traditional marketing strategies getting tailored to be executed through various online channels. Since navigating through the digital space can now be done in a large number of ways, there are multiple types of digital marketing disciplines and approaches which target and leverage different aspects of the process. Some of these major types are outlined in this article along with insights into their scope in 2024.

Types of Digital Marketing & Their Scope in 2024:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to the organic method of boosting your website’s SERP (search engine result page) rankings and driving more traffic to your brand. Good SEO practices help increase brand visibility and add qualitative value and depth to a business’s overall online presence. The focus in SEO is primarily on using the right keywords, creating links, employing good meta titles and meta descriptions, social bookmarking, etc. The scope of SEO in digital marketing is tremendous with the rise of voice SEO and mobile optimization. The existing practices will have to be upgraded for better adaptability with AI and machine learning stepping into the SEO picture.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing –a When brands place advertisements across various search engines, social media, websites and applications, they generally pay a certain fee every time someone clicks on their ads. This is called PPC Marketing, which is a paid advertising method as opposed to SEO. It delivers quick results and helps brands reach a larger target audience with ease. The future of PPC marketing is mainly in the domain of short-video ads and personalization along with the intervention of automation and AI. 


Social Media Marketing (SMM) – If there’s one digital channel that is the most widespread across the globe, it’s social media. Social media platforms entertain a massive user base and its extensive reach can be leveraged for executing marketing strategies and campaigns. Social media marketing is one of the most common kinds of digital marketing that entails the use of various social media channels to promote your business, brand, product or service. Influencer marketing through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. is a popular subset of this.The scope of social media marketing also lies within the aspect of increased short-video content, e-commerce and AI integration, etc.


Email Marketing – Emails are something used and accessed by users of all age groups. Brands have email lists with potential and existing customers as well as the rest of their target audience. Through email marketing, they are able to send across offers, discounts, new collections, newsletters, blogs, etc. Email marketing is one of the most consistent and effective among the different types of online marketing to stay engaged with your audience and keep them in the loop. Personalization and automation have immense potential in email marketing. Personalized emails improve customer satisfaction and relationships, thus retaining existing customers and converting potential ones. They help you let your audience know that you care about them and their individual needs and are willing to cater to them. 


Programmatic Advertising – Programmatic advertising, also known as programmatic media buying, is a data-driven and automated method of buying and selling ad space across digital platforms. It helps perform better-targeted marketing campaigns with AI and machine learning models being employed in real-time. Manual instructions and commands are obviated due to the automatic nature of programmatic media buying. It not only saves time and resources but is also extremely cost-effective and more effective. Platforms like SSPs (Supply-side platforms) and DSPs (Demand-side platforms) are utilized by publishers and advertisers to execute the ad exchange process smoothly. With people spending more time online across various platforms like social media, search engines, OTT channels, etc., as well as the rapid development of new technologies, the scope of programmatic advertising is set to skyrocket in the coming years.


Mobile Marketing – A lot of times, while devising digital marketing strategies, brands neglect mobile optimization and marketing. However, mobile phones are the most accessible devices people use throughout their day and their portability can be leveraged extensively for digital marketing. It can include different forms of internet marketing including SEO, PPC, social media, SMS, Whatsapp, etc. Many people also have their location turned on, which can lead brands to promoting their location-specific products and services to those people. Instant gratification is a major aspect to consider while mobile marketing. Users often check their phones frequently for very brief periods of time, and brands can use that short time-frame to capture their attention from different channels like search engines, social media, Youtube, etc. 

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