Top Social Media Marketing Case Studies

Social media is an intricate digital web that connects people with each other and the world at large. With nearly every person across the globe using various social media platforms, it has materialized as the most optimal channel to perform digital marketing. Brands and businesses are now leveraging social media to create brand presence, increase brand reach and awareness, boost online visibility and connect with their target audiences in a better manner. A lot of brands have succeeded at executing excellent social media marketing campaigns that have proved to be rather noteworthy in the last few years. A good reason to study these is to dissect their social media marketing strategies, gain insights and learn lessons that can help your business grow dynamically too.

Top Social Media Marketing Case Studies:


Oreo has come up with the most creative, offbeat and relevant social media marketing campaigns that have often caught users by surprise. They tapped the relevance factor in the United States with a unique post only ten minutes after a lights out during an iconic Super Bowl match with the tag lines “Power out? No problem. You can still dunk in the dark.” This marketing move is commendable for other brands to learn from because of the speed and agility with which Oreo’s social media marketing team could come up with a highly relevant and fascinating post. Keeping up with the most recent trends and happenings around you is incredibly important while marketing on social media platforms. In an age when people are easily off-put by traditional and direct advertising, something like this adds an excellent layer of relatability and humor to the process where people wouldn’t even mind being advertised to. It also boosts connection between brands and their target audience.

Another notable thing Oreo focuses on is collaborative marketing. Oreo clearly prioritizes collaboration with other influential brands like Playstation and XBox by creating posts during the latter brands’ new product launch. Collaboration can be a great way to increase audience reach and promote conversions. You can harness the attention of customers and followers of another brand and even solidify brand presence.

Oreo utilizes the power of Instagram and Twitter immensely, which is a smart move considering that these are the two of the most widely used social media platforms by young audiences. Another key aspect is that Oreo makes sure to feature and maintain the general look of their biscuit during every campaign.


If there’s another brand that can hop on the latest trends and make it look effortless, it’s Duolingo. It is an app that helps you learn different languages with daily lessons and tasks. The popular Duolingo green owl mascot called Duo is practically identifiable anywhere due to it being featured in all their social media marketing campaigns. Some of the trends they got on board for were Valentine’s Day, the Barbie movie, and many more. Once again, aspiring marketers can learn to always stay hypervigilant of current trends and adapt to change quickly and creatively. Treating every new thing as an opportunity to create innovative content is a great approach towards improving your social media strategy. You also learn the importance and power of branding with the way the owl Duo is omnipresent, no matter the kind of campaign, content or strategy. It’s always a good idea to identify your brand’s USPs (unique selling points) and highlight them to help users distinguish them easily from other businesses and competitors.

They create content on Instagram that entails masterful storytelling, which captivates users who usually expect generic ads and are provided a refreshing little clip that is both hilarious and tasteful. This shows how storytelling and video marketing can be utilized to give more dimensions and layers to your marketing content and keep it from becoming boring or flat as well as grow audience engagement. 

Another way Duolingo engages and interacts with their audience is through replying and commenting on their own or other people’s social media content. Their Twitter posts are incredibly funny and relatable, humanizing the brand and adding a lot of personality to a simple advertisement.


Bumble, the widely used dating app and website, has also executed some really noteworthy social media campaigns. They make sure to communicate that they prioritize inclusivity, women empowerment and other social causes. When they introduced a new Compliments feature to their app, their marketing approach was literally the idea of “kindness” and the attractiveness of people who are considerate and polite. In this way, they set themselves apart from other dating apps and websites by communicating that they care more about genuine connections and relationships rather than the whole gamified and casual approach to dating. This is exactly what brands can learn from Bumble’s social media marketing strategies. Make yourself unique and distinguishable and work on your strengths. Market your new product, service or feature launches in a creative and relatable manner.

Bumble also adds a lot of character to their marketing approach with success stories, meaningful clips and influencer marketing.

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