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Top Digital Marketing Case Studiess In India | Digifine

Top Digital Marketing Case Studies in India

The emergence of digital marketing has proved to be a 21st century global game-changer. The whole world has veered into the digital realm in the past few decades, including consumers, brands and businesses. This has also brought a massive shift in the way things were traditionally sold, bought, perceived, accepted and promoted. Digital marketing is the process of implementing marketing strategies and tactics in the digital sphere. It is a broad discipline with several subdomains like: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Website Development, Programmatic Advertising / Media Buying, Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, Email Marketing, Google Ads, etc. These techniques are utilized by companies to optimize their marketing campaigns and drive greater sales. Now, why is it important to see and understand how brands have leveraged these digital marketing channels? The simple answer is to watch and learn by example and inspiration. You can read further a few pertinent case studies of digital marketing success.

List of the Top Digital Marketing Case Studies:

  • Myntra – Email Marketing

Myntra is a prominent e-commerce platform with a wide range of products delivered all across India. Besides using several excellent digital marketing strategies to boost their sales and conversion rates, their email marketing campaigns are brilliantly on-point and hardly ever miss. Now, when you go on any e-commerce website to buy products, you are expected to fill in some basic details, including your email address. This lets Myntra know how many users are taking a step beyond simply window-shopping on their website. Now that they have a way to easily communicate with you, are they simply going to bombard and spam you with countless emails? No! The next step depends upon your further action on their website. If you add items to your cart and abandon it later, they send you personalized and politely phrased emails to remind you of the items you might still want to go ahead and purchase. If you buy their products, they thoughtfully ask you for feedback, suggest re-buying, send you updates on similar products, etc. And even if you have taken none of the above steps, they still send you emails for sale alerts, festive deals, new product launches, parallel campaigns, and so on. The most important part of this is the tone of the email’s subject line that is subtle, warm and encouraging. Basically, they are great at keeping their existing and potential customers informed about new and interesting developments, offering attractive discounts, providing direct links for convenient shopping, with short, catchy and cheerful titles as well as engaging graphics. The key is personalization!


  • Dove – Social Media Marketing

Dove is a brand mainly famous for its hair, skin and body care products. It has been leading in executing exceptionally well-designed, unique, relatable and engaging digital marketing campaigns. Social media is a highly rewarding marketing channel and Dove has mastered making the optimum use of it. Social media is used by people of all kinds, and while some flaunt perfection all over their profiles, the rest of the users are often faced with feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. Both men and women have increasingly struggled with self-esteem and body image issues as well as extreme beauty standards. Dove aims their social media campaigns towards inclusivity and better self-image. The Dove Self Esteem Project, #letschangebeauty, etc. were created for this purpose and received a lot of positive responses with hashtags and deeply personal and powerful social media posts, stories and videos. Their tactics receive the most traction on Instagram. They make sure to get the message across that they are more than mere sellers of products, that they care about individual people and believe in their inherent values. They prioritize encouraging self-acceptance and self-love, which hits a special emotional spot for people and humanizes them and their experiences.


  • Grammarly – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

 Search Engine Optimization is an organic means of gaining website traffic and shooting up SERP (Search Engine Result Page) rankings. Grammarly is a globally well-known brand that acts as a typing assistant that helps you out with good grammar, spellings, sentence structure, etc. It has tuned into the default go-to for tons of people worldwide. Grammarly’s website gets a lot of its traffic from its concisely built links for the various free tools it offers, like plagiarism-checker, punctuation-checker, grammar-checker, and more. Not only this, but they also maintain an updated and relevant blog with basic to advanced grammar concepts. Their articles are packed with a lot of essential keywords and they also get referenced and linked on other websites due to the credibility and reputation their brand has built over the years. Grammarly keeps its website and blog content well-updated and keeps up with changing trends and market needs. Basically, Grammarly knows how to keep its strategies simple, and this convenient and clean approach receives great response from customers, who are encouraged to start signing up for a premium price at the cost of getting credible services. Their free tools and services essentially help in customer acquisition.


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