Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Pune in 2024​

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Pune in 2024​

 In the past few decades, Digital Marketing has materialized as an extremely powerful field, especially indispensable for brands and businesses who want to grow beyond traditional means. Amidst this digital boom, a mechanism housing varying skills, professionals and services emerged – digital marketing agency. What exactly is a digital marketing agency? A digital marketing agency is basically an establishment that caters to clients who need digital marketing or advertising services to grow their online presence and drive sales. Depending upon their size, scope and budget, digital marketing agencies generally consist of a mixture of digital marketers, website developers, graphic designers, content creators, social media marketers, SEO experts, and other such professionals. Their goal is to fulfill marketing objectives and deliver favorable results. Are you an aspiring digital marketer or a working professional wondering what the top digital marketing agencies in Pune are in 2024? Read further to find out a list of those and the best digital marketing certifications in 2024.

List of top digital marketing agencies in Pune in 2024

  • Dentsu World Services

Dentsu World Services in Pune forms a part of Dentsu International, comprising digital marketing, technology, commercial, data analytics and creative services for brands and businesses. They have worked with leading brands like Adidas, Sony, Speedo, etc. and helped them in their growth process. Denstu is an extremely progressive, optimistic and ambitious agency with proven expertise in all things digital marketing and more. They have a good workplace culture and have won a couple of awards for the same as well.


  • Affinity X

AffinityX prioritizes their customers and clients to effectively cater to all their marketing-related needs. They offer strategic solutions on advertising, creative and print media services along with digital marketing to all kinds of businesses. They have worked with and accredited brilliant reviews from top brands. While claiming to be one-stop marketing solution providers for businesses of every scale, they work to boost their clients’ marketing potential and help them thrive competitively.


  • Publicis Groupe

Publicis Groupe is situated in several locations across India including Pune. They dispense business solutions as well as creative, technological and data-driven digital marketing services. They are a group of highly innovative and accommodating individuals, having won several awards that are testament to the exemplary nature of their workplace and inventiveness. Publicis Groupe prioritizes culture, diversity and inclusion while never compromising on the quality of their services.


  • Merkle

Merkle is an international agency with its offices in many cities worldwide including Pune. It is a data-driven organization that focuses on catering to the digital marketing needs of their clients from a cutting-edge approach. They are experts at growing brands’ digital reach and improving the entire digital experience for businesses as well as their customers. Their expertise in all things data-driven, technological, strategic and creative is evident in the work they have done for renowned brands and partners like Burger King, Siemens, Helvetia, etc. In fact, they are part of the Dentsu brand network!


  • Techmagnate

Techmagnate is an SEO-specific agency in Pune with its services also extending to other spheres of Digital Marketing like Content Marketing, Paid Marketing, App Marketing and Design & Development. They have partnered with fine brands like Bajaj Finserv and won numerous accolades for their excellent campaign work. Techmagnate’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) solutions include Ecommerce SEO, Online Reputation Management (ORM), Enterprise SEO, Local SEO, Off-Page SEO, etc. Their 16+ years of expertise is evident in the client base they boast, which includes brands like Airtel, Mahindra, Reliance, and many more.

Digifine Academy of Digital Education (DADE) can be your perfect gateway into the world of professional digital marketing! Digifine offers a variety of the best digital marketing courses in Pune with comprehensive modules and immense industry exposure. These are globally recognized courses taught by a highly experienced faculty through practical training. With Digifine, you get the chance to receive professional and international certifications along with a 100% placement guarantee and post-course support. Besides digital marketing, they also have a few of the best graphic design courses in Pune as well as UI & UX Design and Data Analytics training. You can find brief details for these courses below:



Courses Digital Marketing Graduate Program in Pune, Professional Digital Marketing Program, Executive Digital Marketing Program, Advanced Graphic Design Course, etc.


Modules covered Search Engine Optimisation, Google Analytics, Influencer Marketing, Programmatic Media Buying, Brand Management, Website Development, E-Commerce Management, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, etc.


Features 100% Placement Guarantee, Global Recognition, Courses designed by Industry Experts, Practical Learning, Conducive Environment, Comprehensive Modules, International Certifications, Post-Course Support, etc.


Jump-start your career and work for the top digital marketing agencies with guidance from the best digital marketing institute in Pune!

  • FAQs:


    > What are the skills required to get hired into top digital marketing agencies in 2024?

    Some of the skills required to get hired into top digital marketing agencies in 2024 are: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, Content Writing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Copywriting, Email Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Design, Website Development, Google Ads, etc. Of course, you do not have to be an expert at all these things. You can have some knowledge about each of them or even specialize in something specific.



    > What is the work culture like in top digital marketing agencies in Pune?

    The work culture at most of the top digital marketing agencies is usually relaxed, friendly and supportive without being incompetent. They are often pretty inclusive of different kinds of people and promote healthy work practices and relationships. The environment is conducive to growth and is often full of ambitious, encouraging people.



    > What are the available job profiles at top digital marketing agencies in Pune?

    While different digital marketing agencies have different job profiles to offer based on their specific goals, a few of the common ones are: digital marketing executive/manager, content writer, SEO expert, social media manager, web developer/designer, graphic designer, etc.



    > How can I get hired into a top digital marketing agency in 2024? 

    To get hired into a top digital marketing agency in 2024, you must first identify your personal goals and objectives in the field of digital marketing. You can then sign up for a good course from a credible institute like Digifine Academy to learn all the basics, tools, techniques and technologies that go into the entire process. Your next step should be to gain practical experience through live projects and internships. This will also help you build a dynamic portfolio. After this, build a resume and give mock interviews to prepare for your job interviews.



    > What is the expected salary at a top digital marketing agency in 2024?

    The average salary you can expect at a top digital marketing agency in 2024 is anywhere between 4-7 LPA. This can be lower or higher depending upon your portfolio, experience and interview performance.