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Do's and Don'ts for Digital Marketing

Whether you’re a learner looking to understand what digital marketing is, a professional striving for an efficacious career, or a business owner branching into the digital realm – if you’re looking to tread the waters of digital marketing, it is imperative for you to know its basic do’s and don’ts. These will equip you with an outline of all you need to know before kickstarting your digital marketing career and building strategies and campaigns that will help you achieve guaranteed success. Read further to find an exhaustive list of the essential Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Marketing in 2024.

Do’s for Digital Marketing:

Work on Knowing & Establishing your Brand Good branding is categorically crucial, whatever your business may be. If your branding is weak, you stand the risk of losing industry credibility and consumer interest. Thus, building, establishing and knowing their brand should be the foremost focus of any business. A user-friendly website and relevant information, a blog with frequently updated articles, well-established profiles across several social media platforms, being sure of your objectives and goals, etc. are some good ways to work on branding.


Know your Audience & Personalise Audiences are the key component for running a successful business. Use digital marketing tools to get to know your audience’s behaviours, needs, interests and requirements thoroughly so that you can cater to their expectations with personalised marketing campaigns. This shows your care for customers and dedication in fulfilling their demands, thus boosting customer loyalty and retention. When you study the patterns of other users as well, you can direct your campaigns towards them accordingly and increase engagement. This grows conversion rates and promotes customer acquisition.


Do SEM & PPC Marketing SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, and is mainly concerned with shooting up website rankings on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). It comprises both paid and unpaid strategies, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation being an example of the latter. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing is where advertisers have to pay a certain amount every time someone clicks on their plugged ads. These are great ways to increase brand visibility and website traffic to put you on the map in a short period of time.


Use the Right Tools Analytics is one of the most pivotal aspects of digital marketing. Using good web analytics tools will help you track cross-platform performance of campaigns as well as study user patterns in considerable depth. This in turn will ease you into optimising your marketing campaigns and strategies to achieve the best results. 


Keep Up with Trends The digital world keeps witnessing constant changes in short periods of time. Be it social media, digital marketing, SEO, or anything else, one can always find new trends sprouting left and right. It is absolutely vital for brands to keep up and stay well-versed with and well-informed about the latest trends in all things digital marketing. This will help them be ahead of their competitors and stay relevant for audiences.


Keep Multiple Devices in Mind Remember that your website is not going to be accessed by users from the same kind of devices. It is common for new brands to ignore optimising their website for mobile phones, thus making it difficult for a large set of users to interact with it. Marketing on various devices may even need consideration of different approaches and targeted campaigns.


Be Active on Social Media This part needs no explanation. Social media is the big thing today. Everyone’s on it and everyone’s talking about it. The largest audience can be reached via social media alone. Do you need any more reason to take advantage of this? Understand and study every platform’s niche audiences and features and have well-designed social media campaigns that utilise these in place. Maintain a chic and active profile with interesting and relevant content.

Don’ts for Digital Marketing:

Compromise on Privacy – Audiences have grown deeply aware about how their online activity and information is used, or in several cases, even misused. They have become cautious about allowing websites and apps to access this information and do not grant permissions as readily. In order to build trust among your audience, make sure you are reassuring them about the safety and privacy your brand promises to maintain. On your part, do not fail to comply with privacy laws and regulations.


Ignore SEO Practices – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) deals with increasing a website’s SERP rankings in an organic manner. This means that it makes the use of quality content, apt keywords, well-built links, good titling, etc. for this purpose. SEO has a lot of potential to bring long-term results and help with bettering your brand’s credibility and image. Having strong SEO strategies in place is therefore immensely beneficial for brands. Besides this, new trends and updates in SEO techniques and tools must be kept up with and followed to avoid lagging behind.


Ignore / Forget Frequent Updation – Updates are essential not only in SEO practices but also in keeping your website up to the mark in a competitive industry. While making sure you are privy to upcoming trends, content optimization and other digital marketing strategies should be updated from time to time, as and when necessary. This helps your brand from getting stagnant and losing traction.


Complicate your Website / App – Maintain a user-friendly website with a decent proportion of creative graphics, concise information, relevant content, essential images or videos, simplified features, and so on. Over-complicating your website will make navigation difficult for users and thus discourage them from working too hard to figure it out as well as reduce your engagement drastically. Follow the same strategy for your app if you have one. Remember the mantra: Keep it simple.


Focus only on Social Media Marketing (SMM) – While SMM is a great and efficient way to implement marketing campaigns and strategies, it would be disastrous to neglect all the other kinds of advantageous marketing channels available. Personalised email marketing has remained indispensable and perpetually relevant no matter how many other forms come into the picture. Besides this, whatsapp marketing, SMS marketing, etc. cannot be ignored in our smartphone era.


Go Overboard – Be careful not to spam your audience by sending overly frequent emails or posting repetitive content on social media just for the sake of staying in their radar. Marketing is undoubtedly important but it should be done tastefully in a controlled, well-thought manner. Your content should be creative, fresh and relevant if you do post actively and your emails should be distinguishable, interesting and well-timed. Professionalism and maturity in content marketing is hugely essential and often overlooked by marketers or brands.


Compromise on Quality of Content – This final one goes without saying, but compromising on the quality of your content with time can be terribly detrimental for your brand growth. Remember that slacking off with producing good content is not an option. Do not shy away from utilising all the requisite expertise and tools you need to maintain an excellent assemblage of high-quality content. It can make or break your brand’s reputation.

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