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How to Become an Expert in Graphic Design in 2024

How to become a graphic designer and be good at it?

Do you wonder if you have the right set of capabilities for this job?

If these questions come to your mind, then worry no more. Instead, take out your party hats and start celebrating. Because with sincere effort and the right mindset you can become an expert in graphic design.

All you need is the right advice, and the right direction to get to your goal. In this blog, we will figure out how to become a graphic designer, and the right way to achieve it. We will also answer some of the most popular questions related to the topic of how to become a graphic designer.  

But first, let’s start with a brief description of what exactly is graphic designing.

What is Graphic Designing?

Graphic designing is visual storytelling through text, images, and graphics. Graphic designers create visually appealing messages that attract and appeal to their target audience. For this, they use creativity along with design software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.


How to Become a Graphic Designer– A 5 Step Method

Have a look at our 5 step method on how to become a graphic designer. Follow these steps diligently and soar in your graphic designing career.


1. Learn Graphic Design Principles

Test the waters by learning graphic design principles first. This will also help you gauge if this is the right career choice for you. Study design elements like shapes, lines, space, color, scale, harmony, etc. Study design principles like color theory, composition, and typography. You can learn it through books, online articles, YouTube videos, etc. 


2. Practice Key Graphic Design Tools

How to become a graphic designer and be a master in it?

The answer is by learning the tools of the graphic designing trade. Become familiar with tools like Adobe Suit, InDesign, and Corel Draw. These are the software that are used in the majority of design work. Learn more about these through training resources, user guides, online videos, etc.


3. Work on Your Designing Projects

After learning graphic design principles and tools, grow your skills by working on design projects. Experiment by creating mock ads and logos. Next, try to create new and better designs out of existing designs of companies and organizations. Volunteer with businesses, brands, and non-profits for their graphic design projects. Through this, you gain skills and valuable real-world experience.


4. Create a Portfolio to Showcase Your Work

You will create a strong portfolio by working on your design projects. Include selected high-quality work in it that showcases your design skills and capabilities. 

You can create and showcase your portfolios through creative networks and platforms like Behance, PortfolioBox, Pixpa, Adobe Portfolio, Squarespace, Crevado, Coroflot Portfolios, FolioHD, Krop, and Carbonmade. This will help you create an impressive online presence that gets you potential clients and numerous job opportunities in graphic design.


5. Create an Impressive Job Application

Your graphic design portfolio works as an essential part of your CV. Along with it create a strong resume showcasing your skills, certifications, and relevant experience. Next, add a formatted cover letter tailored to the job you are appearing for and you will stand out from others. 

Now you are ready to start pitching to your potential clients or start applying for jobs.

How to Become a Graphic Designer- A more Powerful and Effective Way

You can follow all the above-mentioned steps to become a graphic designer. But there is an easier and more effective way that will save you time and opportunity costs. 

The answer is by joining a graphic design course that builds your design skills and offers industry-recognized certifications and diplomas.

Just like graphic designing courses from Digifine Academy, one of the best graphic design institute in Mumbai. Enrolling in a graphic design course here ensures you get conceptual clarity, practical training, and mentoring from industry experts. And not to forget the opportunities to join industry-leading organizations through their excellent internship and placement assistance. 

Digifine Academy- The Best Graphic Design Institute in Mumbai

Digifine Academy offers industry-approved graphic design courses that are globally recognized. Here are some of the features of their flagship graphic design course.

1. Training in industry-leading design software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, InDesign, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe After Effects.

2. 217+ hours of practical training from experienced industry professionals.

3. Training and mentoring from industry experts.

4. Portfolio creation and resume-building assistance.

5. Soft skills training.

6. Internship and placement assistance.

7. All-time post-course support.

How to Become a Graphic Designer with In-demand Skills?

Graphic designing is an exciting and challenging occupation where you have to be ahead of trends. Here is how you can sharpen your skills and be the boss in your field.

1. Network & Connections

Network with fellow graphic designers and build connections. You get work tips, market information, and even lucrative gig and job opportunities this way.

2. Follow Established Graphic Designers

Follow established and celebrity designers on social media and professional platforms. You get inspiration and also stay up to date with current design trends so needed in the field.

3. Specialize

Learn all facets of graphic design but choose an area of specialization. Choose an in-demand specialty like web designing, logo designing, animation, VFX, etc. This helps you become an expert in the field and get high remuneration for your services.

4. Never Stop Learning

Graphic designing is an exciting and evolving field where you never stop learning. Subscribe to industry-specific YouTube channels, blogs, and authority websites and learn something new every day. This will help you become an expert graphic designer and as a side benefit, will keep your brain young too.

Final Thoughts

How to become a graphic designer and be an expert in it?

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Become an expert in graphic design in 2024 by joining Digifine Academy, the best graphic design institute in Mumbai.

Ans. You need basic computer knowledge, design skills, a creative bent of mind, and an understanding of design software to become a graphic designer. But to pursue a good graphic designing course, you need to have cleared your high school and 10+2 from any stream.

Ans. You can learn graphic design on your own, but it takes a substantial amount of time and infinite patience. It is better to enroll in a good graphic design institute. By enrolling in the best graphic design institute like Digifine Academy, you save time, get valuable practical training and get placement opportunities that are impossible to access on your own.

Ans. Yes, graphic designing is a good career choice with tremendous scope for growth. Nearly all business domains require graphic designers, especially creative agencies, marketing & advertising firms, movie studios and production houses, e-commerce platforms, and journalism and publication houses among several others. 

Ans. Yes, several top graphic design institutes offer diploma, certificate, and undergraduate courses in graphic design to students after the 12th. 

Ans. The average salary of graphic designer in India per month ranges between 25,000 and 35,000 per month. Newcomers earn anywhere between 15,000 and 25,000 per month. Experienced designers earn anywhere between Rs 50,000 to 1,00,000 per month depending upon the organization and job profile.