How Does Programmatic Advertising Work: Benefits & Career Opportunities

What is Programmatic Advertising?

With automated technologies taking over the digital landscape, an automated method of buying and selling of online ad space called Programmatic Advertising emerged as a game-changer in the advertising industry. It is a predominantly data-driven approach to digital advertising that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. It comprises two major programmatic advertising platforms on either end of the process: DSPs or Demand-Side Platforms and Supply-Side Platforms. Further, the process is facilitated by publishers at one end and advertisers at the other. At DSPs, advertisers can choose target audiences based on important insights and select the price to buy ad impressions. Marketers are generally concerned with mastering the workings of DSP Programmatic Advertising in order to advertise effectively.


How does it work?

The way the process of programmatic marketing is carried out is through something called Real-Time Bidding or RTB. This refers to an auction that takes place for the purchase of digital ad impressions. Several advertisers bid for ad space and the ones that win the auction get their ad published for that particular impression. Utilizing RTB, a huge number of advertisers, publishers and firms bid on ad inventory in a completely online marketplace called an ad exchange. It allows a lot of transparency and clarity to advertisers with regards to where they want their ads to be placed and at what bidding prices. Essentially, you can get all kinds of ads published through programmatic advertising.
Automation saves tons of resources for businesses, and Programmatic Media Buying thus has a lot of scope and potential in present as well as future times. Besides making the process of digital advertising exceedingly efficient, it also helps with the analysis and optimization aspect of advertising and marketing campaigns to improve performance and maximize success. Some major benefits and advantages of Programmatic Ad Buying are listed in the following article.

Benefits of Programmatic Advertising:

Scalability & Flexible Budgeting – Depending on your specific budget, programmatic ad buying campaigns can be altered and tailored in order to fit your needs without compromising on their overall effectiveness. This feature makes programmatic advertising extremely accessible to all kinds and sizes of businesses. There is also more flexibility in terms of reducing or increasing the programmatic ads budget at any point in time. It also helps marketers perform optimizations in their ad spend through comprehensive data analysis and thus improve the business’s ROI as well as budget allocation. With the benefit of setting a maximum budget, advertisers do not even have any apprehensions about campaigns exceeding any spending limits.

Higher Reach – If your business’s goal is to augment its online presence, then programmatic buying is your perfect go-to. Programmatic advertising platforms have an extensive amount of ad spaces and websites available for executing your campaigns. It therefore pertains to large and diverse audiences and helps your brand reach more potential customers with relative ease. The scale of programmatic advertising is enormous compared to any other digital marketing technique, which allows marketers to find and reach more audiences from a single place.

Increased Targeting – With its expansive reach, programmatic advertising has the scope of achieving a pretty high level of targeting compared to other digital marketing tactics. With more data volume and precise targeting options available, brands can target audiences at the right time in the right place with the most relevant ad. This boosts chances of conversions and drives more sales. Besides this, targeting through programmatic ads can be done on the basis of historical data on users’ past buying habits and online behaviors. Further, advertising strategies can also be optimized to be more location-specific, in the sense that you can target users who are closest to you to increase the likelihood of converting them into potential customers.

Better Analytics – With programmatic ad platforms, you can get access to real-time data and insights about the performance of your campaigns, which can enable you to make necessary changes immediately. This can immensely improve the ROI of your business and justify your ad spend. With the constant emergence of new digital marketing and other industry trends, marketers always have to stay vigilant and change their strategies as and when required. The flexibility of programmatic advertising makes it easy to modify and alter these at any time with utmost efficiency. 

More Efficient – Automation is one of the game-changing advantages of programmatic media buying. It saves a lot of time and resources which can rather be spent on more rewarding tasks.

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Programmatic Advertising Jobs & Career Opportunities

The average salary of a programmatic advertising professional is around 7 – 8 LPA, which can be slightly lower or incredibly higher depending on your experience, expertise and performance. Following are some of the job roles you can expect to be eligible for after learning programmatic media buying from Digifine Academy.

  1. Product Specialist – DSP, Programmatic Advertising
  2. Yield Manager Programmatic Advertising
  3. Executive – Programmatic
  4. Manager – Programmatic Media
  5. Associate Director – Programmatic
  6. Associate – Programmatic
  7. Account Manager – Programmatic
  8. Programmatic Media Specialist

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