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Graphic Design - Scope, Salary, Best Institute to Join

There is tremendous graphic design scope in India and also worldwide. Businesses across all domains welcome talented graphic designers. From multi-media & advertising to e-commerce and manufacturing, there is a rising demand for graphic designers across all sectors.

This makes the graphic designer salary per month a highly lucrative affair. With time, experience, and expertise, the salary of a graphic designer in India per month can reach exceptionally high.

In this article, we will explore graphic design scope as well as opportunities for earning a high graphic designer salary per month

Graphic Designers- A Brief Job Description

Before learning about the graphic designer salary per month, let’s understand what a graphic designer does in the first place.

Graphic designers work with brands and businesses to communicate their message to their target audience. This is done through applying creativity and art with manual effort and computer technologies to craft visual and textual content that appeals to, informs, and persuades the audience.

Average Salary of Graphic Designer in India Per Month

The average starting salary of a graphic designer in India per month is Rs 21,500. With time and experience, the graphic designer salary per month for a mid-level designer goes up to Rs 50,000. And with extensive experience and advanced skills, their monthly remuneration can range anywhere from Rs 70,000 to 1,00,000 per month and more. This testifies to the exceptionally bright graphic design scope in India. 

Graphic Design Scope- Factors Influencing Remuneration

everal factors influence the salary of graphic designer in India per month. Here is a list of factors that contribute to deciding a graphic designer salary per month.  

An experience of 5-6 years exponentially raises your salary levels in the graphic design field.

With relevant certifications and diplomas, you can demand a higher graphic designer salary per month.  

The location and organization also affect the range of graphic designer salary per month. Businesses located in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad pay more than tier 2 and 3 cities. But with improved internet connectivity, you can get international gigs easily and earn much more.

Graphic designing is a merit-based industry. If you have advanced skills and talent, you can demand and get a higher salary.

Graphic Design Scope– Jobs and Career Opportunities


Graphic designers have a wide range of skill sets and job roles and responsibilities. Here are some of the popular graphic designer jobs that you can expect to get.


1. Computer Graphics Artist

In this job profile, you have to create animations, special effects, and creative content through text, audio, and video materials. 

2. Web Designer

In this job profile, you have to style and develop a website structure by creating graphics, images, navigation menus, page layouts, etc.

3. Visual Designer

In this job profile, you have to craft visual concepts and layouts that create an elevated user experience. This is a highly creative and skilled job profile that combines the skills of a graphic designer with a UI designer and as such pays highly with salaries reaching up to 13 lakh rupees per annum.

4. Marketing Graphic Designer

In this job profile, you have to digitally create images, illustrations, and presentations to promote the products and services of your organization. 

5. Photo Editor

As a photo editor, you will collect, review, edit, position, and publish the photos/images/illustrations for books, magazines, newspapers, and websites.

6. Video and Film Editor

In this job profile, you edit videos, movies, commercials, etc., and collaborate with directors and other stakeholders to create a smooth storyline. It is a creative and interesting job where you get paid a substantial graphic designer salary per month.

7. Logo Designer

As a logo designer, you will create appealing and customized logos for different brands and organizations.

8. UI/UX Designer

In this job profile, you design seamless user interfaces that are attractive, intuitive, and easy to use. This is a high-in-demand job profile that with experience goes up to Rs 10,00,000 per annum.

9. Animation & VFX Artists

Animation and VFX artists create motion graphics and special effects for movies, advertisements, and other media content. In this field, with advanced skills and experience, you can command high salaries.

Did you know that nearly all Marvel movies use Indian animation and VFX teams? 

10. Packaging Designer

In this job profile, you design packaging prototypes that are user-friendly, keep the product secure, and are appealing to consumers. This again is a high-in-demand job that with experience can reach up to Rs 1,00,000 graphic designer salary per month

Graphic Design Scope- Some Other Popular Job Profiles

There are so many opportunities in graphic design that a blog will not be enough to describe all the jobs. Here are brief mentions of some other job profiles under the graphic design scope.

1. Product Developer

2. Multi-media Artist

3. Production Artist

4. Advertising Designer

5. Publication Designer

6. Art Director

7. Creative Director

8. Graphic Design Instructor

9. Online course creator among others.


Graphic Design Scope-Top Paying Industries in India 

Have a look at the graph/table below that shows the average salary of graphic designer in India per month industry-wise.

Industry/ Average Salary Per Month

1. E-commerce and Internet/ Rs 37,500 per month

2. IT Services & Consulting/ Rs 31,500 per month

3. Advertising & Marketing/ Rs 28,000 per month

4. Education & Training/ Rs 27,000 per month

5. Printing & Publishing/ Rs 27,000 per month


Graphic Design Scope– Top Recruiters 


The graphic design scope is immense, with multiple industries and top companies recruiting graphic designers. Here are some of the top firms from different domains hiring graphic designers.

ITC Limited

Wipro Technology



Ernst & Young

Quick Radius




Communication Crafts

Vistaprint Inc

Asian Paints

Designer Graphics





Tata Consultancy Services




Decathlon Group

Microsoft India among several others.


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Ans. The graphic design scope is tremendous and has surged in recent times. Graphic designers are in high demand right now, especially in e-commerce platforms, AI companies, advertising & marketing firms, digital magazines & newspapers, and the media and entertainment industry among others.

Ans. Yes, graphic designers are in high demand across all business sectors and industries across India. 

Ans. Starting salary of a graphic designer in India per month ranges between 15 to 25 thousand depending upon the location and job profile. It increases exponentially once you get an experience of 4-5 years and advanced skills for the job.

Ans. The average salary of a graphic designer in India ranges between 3 to 4 lakh per annum. Newcomers earn anywhere between 1.5 to 2.5 lakhs and experienced designers can expect anywhere between 6 to 12 lakhs depending upon the organization and job profile. 

Ans. Graphic designers with experience earn a good salary in India. Here are some of the top-paying companies for graphic designers in India.

a. Gartner India Research & Advisory Services pays an average of Rs 8.2 lakh per annum for a graphic designer position.

b. McKinsey and Company pay an average of Rs 7.5 lakh per annum for a graphic designer position.

c. A.T. Kearney pays an average of Rs 6.9 lakh per annum for a similar position.