Everything you need to know about Voice SEO in 2023

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Voice searches are widely used in mobile phones and they got a major boost in their usage with the development of smart speakers. With the development of voice assistants like Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Amazon’s Alexa we are experiencing a voice search revolution. In 2018, voice searches made up 20% of Google search queries, 25% of Bing searches, and 10% of Baidu queries. According to Google, Voice search is the fastest growing form of search on their search engine. Due to this rapid growth of voice search technology, the need for Voice SEO becomes crucially important.

What is Voice Search

Voice search is a technology that allows the user to use a voice command to perform a search on the Internet, a website, or an application. 

Voice searches dictate user language and define search context and empower long-tail keywords that serve to find a specific answer. It helps local businesses and e-commerce by making them more accessible.

What is Voice SEO

Voice SEO is the optimization of keywords and keyword phrases for searches using voice assistance. It is the process of optimizing your web pages to appear in voice searches. When you optimize for voice search, you optimize for the way people conduct verbal searches.

Critics of Voice SEO argue that it is irrelevant because voice searches are ultimately turned into text-based searches before they’re submitted, which makes them no different than desktop or mobile searches. While advocates for Voice SEO believe that although voice searches do search the same way as mobile or desktop and often have the same results, the nuances of voice search can help both search engines and marketers better understand and serve consumers than traditional text searching. Whatever the verdict on Voice SEO’s efficiency may be, the fact is that a voice search optimization strategy is critical for your business. With more people using search devices, you must invest in this strategy to reach those people, especially if you operate locally since more than 55% of the people use voice search to find nearby businesses.

Why is Voice SEO important


Voice SEO plays a vital role in local businesses and businesses driven by mobile devices. Local businesses can hugely benefit from Voice SEO, which can be used for creating content that targets the usual queries about the available goods and services nearby.

This is because 58% of consumers use voice search to find information about a local business online and 27% of the online Google population is using voice search on mobile. 

Here are some similar statistics on Voice searches that proves the need for Voice SEO:-       


1)52% of smart speaker owners keep their devices in a common space such as a living room. 25% of people kept their device in the bedroom, while 22% kept the speaker in the kitchen. 


2)75% of voice search results rank in the top three positions for a particular question on a desktop search.


3)60% of people claim that smart devices are essential to their lives, and they can’t  imagine going back


4)Sales from voice searches amount to more than $2 billion.


5)People use voice search devices to find information, products, and more. With over 1 billion voice searches happening each month, it’s critical that you have a voice search optimization strategy in place so you can reach people who search with these devices.


6)Brands that adopt voice search could grow their revenue by 30% in 2023.


7)Voice searches will account for more than 50% of all searches in 2023.

How to effectively use Voice SEO

In the era of voice search, where the competition will only get tougher in the coming days, marketers and SEOs should make it a habit of optimizing their content for voice search. Here are some of the best strategies to effectively use Voice SEO:


1)Understand your target audience- Voice search algorithms use location, and several data points to understand search context. Hence, marketers need to dig deeper into understanding the consumer and their behavior.

Real-time data and research on consumer insights can help understand how different people use voice search and on what type of voice-enabled device.


2)Use Conversational Language in your content- Being conversational is a primary characteristic of a voice search query, and you need to take leverage of this. The more you use robotic language in your content, the fewer chances you have of appearing in voice search results.


3)Use Long-tail Keywords- Voice searches are longer than searches on a keyboard due to their conversational style. Hence, long-tail keywords along with filler words should be focused primarily to perform best in voice search rankings.


4)Create FAQ-based content- Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs) on your product pages and blogs are crucial to Voice search optimization as they include question keywords. The FAQ-style format makes it easy for Google to pull content from your website and display it as a rich snippet. These factors are prerequisites for voice search ranking. 


5)Focus on the questions people are more likely to ask- Brevity, context, and relevance are essential when optimizing for voice search. Creating detailed answers to common questions and answering simple questions clearly and concisely helps exponentially in optimizing your Voice search.


6)Focus on local businesses and mobile users- Mobile devices allow users to perform on-the-go local queries. Voice search, in turn, enables users to ask hyper-local questions. Make sure things like directions to brick-and-mortar locations and XML sitemaps are readable to visitors and search engines on your website.


7)Improve loading time of your website- Websites that take longer to load are abandoned very quickly compared to those that load quickly. Website loading speed has a direct impact on bounce rate and hence, should be optimized at all costs.


With each year passing, voice search is on the rise, and soon it will be everywhere, and everyone will be discussing it. Voice search optimization will help you drive more leads for your business and earn more sales. Consumer behavior is constantly changing, and marketers must be prepared for any marketing trend to meet expectations.

Many tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are already on the move and have already optimized for voice search to have an edge over others. Specializing in voice search SEO and monetizing is critical to compete.

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