Effective and necessary Skills every Digital Marketer needs to develop

Effective and necessary Skills every Digital Marketer needs to develop

Digital Marketing is the marketing done through digital mediums like e-mail, websites, search engines, social media, mobile applications etc. Companies use these mediums to endorse their goods, services and brand. You can learn to become a professional in digital marketing through various online courses and institutes like Digifine which offers a Digital Marketing Graduate program consisting of digital marketing training in Mumbai along with internship and placement guarantee. There are primarily four main types of Digital Marketing- Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing. In order to become a good digital marketer one has to have communication skills, creativity and problem solving abilities, writing skills, strong interpersonal skills and many more such aspects.

These skills can be bifurcated into two major categories, Hard skills and Soft skills.

Hard skills are the skills which can be observed and evaluated. People can look through whether you can perform these skills or not. Some of these hard skills are the bare minimum one has to develop to become better at digital marketing. 

Here are some of the hard skills necessary for digital marketing:


All the content throughout the world wide web from websites and blogs to YouTube videos and online advertisements have some or the other form of written content. Therefore, it is essential to have basic writing skills for digital marketing. You should be able to write accurate and concise content which conveys your message precisely on various digital mediums like emails, websites, social media sites, mobile applications and many more.


Copywriting is basically writing content for the sole purpose of advertisement or any other forms of marketing. If you’re a digital marketer your main aim is to persuade the audience to purchase goods and services or to increase brand awareness. You need extraordinary copywriting skills to achieve all these.

Marketing Analysis

Digital Marketing is an extremely measurable way of marketing. You can measure the reach of your content like the number of clicks on your website, the number of views on video content, the statistics on the likes, shares and comments on the brands social media and many more such relevant statistics. By analyzing these data, strategies are formulated for digital marketing. This is also known as Market Analysis. In order to become good at analyzing the markets you need to be fluent with softwares like Microsoft Excel and be good with numbers and evaluating statistics to create strategies for the brands.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of traffic on your content. This includes the traffic on your websites, the readability of your blog posts, the traffic on your YouTube videos or the number of searches on Google etc. SEO involves keyword research,  hyperlinking, image optimization and many more such aspects. You can learn how to effectively use Search Engine Optimization through Digifine’s Digital Marketing Graduate program. You need to be effective at using the SEO data and creating content which is discoverable by your audience to excel at digital marketing.

Google Ads

Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google for displaying advertisements, service offerings, product listings etc. In order to make the best use of Google Ads you need to be good at keyword research, copywriting, setting up and managing ad campaigns, data analysis and budget management. You can learn how to use Google Ads effectively through Digifine’s Digital Marketing Graduate program. Google Ads play a vital role in digital marketing if you have the necessary skills required to use them effectively.

Social Media Ads

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and many more have paid advertisements, where one can sell their products, increase their brand awareness or build a small business. To utilize social media ads to the fullest you need to strategize on which social media you want to buy ad space depending on your brand’s target audience. For example, a product catering to an older age demographic might invest more on Facebook ads rather than Instagram due to the significant presence of them in Facebook. You need to be good at making such effective strategies regarding social media to be a digital marketer.

Video Production

The amount of video content on the internet has been growing exponentially over the last few years across different platforms from YouTube videos to Instagram reels. In the world of digital marketing 60% of businesses use video content for marketing purposes and 32% use for sales and 74% of digital marketers say video content has better return on investment than static images and 68% say videos have better ROI on Google Ads. Therefore, it is necessary to produce good quality video content to do better at digital marketing. Good production skills, video editing skills, creating catchy thumbnails and video titles are required to produce a video content which helps sales and increases brand awareness.

Soft skills

Soft skills are the ones which help you collaborate effectively with others and work as a team. Some of the soft skills can be described as personality traits or skills that come naturally to some people. However, just like hard skills, soft skills can also be learned and developed.

Here are some of the soft skills required for digital marketing:


Having an empathetic understanding of the problem you are trying to solve. This includes observing, listening and engaging.

Understanding the problem

You need to be good at synthesis, critical thinking  and communication in order to understand the problem for which you are looking for solutions.


Ideating unique and new ideas for the solutions to the problems requires creativity, out- of- the box thinking and brainstorming creative solutions. 


In order to develop a prototype for your solution you require soft skills like teamwork, curiosity and adaptability.


Testing involves gathering feedback of the prototype and refining the solutions. This requires honesty, an objective perspective and leadership qualities.


Digital Marketing is a growing industry which makes you face stiff competition to survive. Digifine’s Digital Marketing Graduate program makes you face these challenges and become a great professional in the Digital Marketing industry. Hence, developing these hard and soft skills or working on these aspects of your personality will help you significantly in your career as a digital marketer.