Top Platforms To Find Digital Marketing Jobs in India

Top Platforms To Find Digital Marketing Jobs in India

Digital marketing has brought about a sweeping change in the way marketing strategies and tactics are carried out across the globe. It has transformed the industrial landscape for businesses and has challenged brands to evolve their overall marketing approach to continue staying relevant. With new technologies and trends constantly emerging in the ongoing digital era, the discipline of digital marketing has a bright future and immense scope to grow in the coming years. These are also a few reasons why it has attracted individuals from all walks of life, whether they are students, working professionals or entrepreneurs. If you are an aspiring digital marketer or someone who is looking for top digital marketing jobs in India, then this article will help you pin down some of the best platforms and portals to find the top recruiting digital marketing agencies.

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List of best platforms to find digital marketing jobs

LinkedIn – LinkedIn acts as a kind of social media platform allowing working professionals to network with each other as well as stay connected with various companies. It is an ideal place to create a professional profile and look for digital marketing job opportunities. LinkedIn comes with an amazing ‘job search’ feature which enables people to key in the job roles they are looking for, apply with ease, keep track of your past applications and stay updated constantly throughout the process. LinkedIn also has the option of letting you add an ‘Open To Work’ hashtag to your profile, revealing you to potential employers and recruiters. It makes the entire process much more efficient and smooth.


Glassdoor – Glassdoor prioritizes employees by enhancing overall job-related transparency. It reveals most of the key features of jobs, job sectors, companies and other workplaces so that people can make well-informed and extensively researched decisions while trying to land their perfect digital marketing job. Glassdoor encourages people to add job reviews to access further information on their website, which is a great way to foster transparency with regards to salary, work environment, job benefits, etc. Kickstarting your digital marketing career can be a challenging and confusing process. This is why it’s best to go for a platform that provides such comprehensive insights to help you make the best job decisions for yourself.


Indeed – Indeed is one of the biggest websites to find the top digital marketing jobs in India. You can create your Indeed resume and answer employer questions to complete your applications smoothly. People can look for jobs, employers and companies for free and add relevant filters that can help them precisely land the perfect job for them. They keep job seekers updated with new postings and related jobs via email and whatsapp as well. 


Internshala – Internshala is a platform that focuses on helping students or freshers who are primarily interested in looking for internships in a particular field. Again, it has filters to help you find jobs in a specific location, digital marketing remote jobs as well as part-time gigs for a number of months. It comes with information regarding internship description, stipend, requirements and responsibilities. You can attach your resume or file or create an internshala resume as well. Generally, companies ask a few questions and demand a cover letter for successful applications. The offerings here are legitimate and applicants can expect to get prompt callbacks here. If you are a student or fresher looking for digital marketing internships, then this is the right portal for you.


Freelancer – If you’re looking for digital marketing freelance jobs, then Freelancer is your perfect go-to. It is designed in tremendous detail to cater to people searching for freelance digital marketing gigs. You can search for freelance roles in the online mode or specific desired locations. Besides this, there are filters to help you set a particular budget, digital marketing job type, required skills and necessary languages. Each freelance proposal comes with an average bid value that helps you determine what price you want to set for offering your services. You can learn extensively about the client, view past ratings and ensure legitimacy through verification. Based on thorough study, you can place your bid amount and enter your contact information. 


UpWork – UpWork allows you to advertise your skills and profile to potential clients and employers. It also has the option of freelancing and is a highly competitive platform that even charges you a certain percentage of your earnings while providing you with a plethora of digital marketing job opportunities.

Kickstart your career by finding some of the most coveted digital marketing jobs on top platforms or simply sign up for the best digital marketing course with placement at Digifine Academy!