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Career Opportunities in Programmatic Advertising

One thing that remains constant in today’s thriving digital age is evolution. Thus when traditional marketing and advertising practices ran their course and reached their limit, they had to be replaced by something more dynamic. At this point, over two decades ago, Programmatic Advertising sent ripples through the field of Digital Marketing. Soon, it became increasingly indispensable to almost every business. But what is that makes it so valuable? It essentially makes the use of algorithms to automate advertising processes and is concerned with the buying and selling of digital ad space on various platforms. Its data-driven nature, especially the use of past / historical data is advantageous for businesses to gain valuable insights to predict and plan future marketing ventures. 

Benefits and Need of Programmatic Advertising:

  • Increase in Audience Reach – The magnitude of Programmatic advertising is exorbitant, to say the least. For instance, it has the capability to track audiences over multiple platforms and even help conduct cross-platform campaigns. All of its enormous data can prove to be extremely valuable after methodical integration and consideration. Through its scalability, it can be utilised to identify and reach a huge target audience, thus promoting customer acquisition for businesses.
  • Better Transparency and Scope for Improvement  – Through programmatic advertising, marketers and businesses are hyper-aware about each miniscule aspect of their advertising campaigns. They gain invaluable insights through detailed analysis that helps in recognising crucial user behaviours and patterns as well as the factors behind a particular campaign’s success or failure, thus opening the doors for constant improvement. At any step, this transparency helps them assess what works best and what doesn’t and utilise these lessons in the future, in order to maximise results.
  • Time-effectiveness and Resource-efficiency – Programmatic Advertising can perform repetitive and tedious tasks with relative ease, thereby helping marketers save a lot of time and resources which are better channelised in perfecting creative and strategic endeavours. Since it is essentially focussed on automating processes, it is an extremely efficient means to achieve required results.
  • Better Customer Relationships – By thoroughly consolidating consumer habits, Programmatic Advertising helps in figuring out specific needs of each customer, which then further helps improving customer relationships. It also helps a brand find potential customers through careful study of their online patterns and sending them relevant prompts or ads at the right time.

With such numerous benefits and delivery of extraordinary results, the need for a field such as Programmatic Advertising is unquestionable.

Scope of Programmatic Advertising:

 This ever-evolving field has tremendous scope in today’s times as well as in the coming years. With the digital space growing unremittingly over the last couple of decades and with even more gusto now, if there’s one thing that every business undoubtedly needs, it’s better, smarter, time-saving and cost-efficient ways to advertise their products and services. The need for programmatic advertising is enormous now, and it will only continue to grow over time.

Why Programmatic Advertising could be the Right Career Choice for you:

A great thing about the field of programmatic advertising is that it covers multiple aspects of marketing and advertising. So, if you’re interested in either of those, or if social media campaigning is something you think you could be good at, then programmatic advertising will only expand your horizons and elevate your skills. People interested in digital marketing and advertising are easily able to develop a keen interest in this as well. It is also closely related to anything concerned with product marketing, product advertising, increasing online sales, media planning, etc. And if you’re planning to start a business or already running one, don’t waste a minute second-guessing the relevance of programmatic advertising!

Career Opportunities / Positions in Programmatic Advertising:

Data Scientist and Data Analyst –

Since data is the backbone of marketing, data scientists as well as data analysts can offer valuable contributions in understanding consumer behaviour based on past data, in order to analyse important user patterns and perform predictive tasks. This in turn can help devise relevant marketing strategies to increase reach and target the right audience. Data science and data analysis principles form the basis of many softwares useful for programmatic advertising. 

Programmatic Manager –

A programmatic manager must be responsible to directly look over programmatic advertising campaigns to ensure their smooth execution. They should have strong knowledge about DSPs, Google Ads, ad copywriting and other essentials to make sure that their marketing strategies and campaigns are well-informed, up-to-date, innovative, effective and successful. They must be able to constantly evolve and improve their approach on the basis of results obtained from previous ad campaigns. Another crucial responsibility of a programmatic manager or marketer is to buy relevant ad inventory and utilise it optimally.

Similar Roles: Programmatic Media Buyer, Programmatic Buying Specialist, Programmatic Media Analyst, Programmatic Media Manager, Programmatic Media Specialist

Digital Marketing Manager –

Digital Marketers essentially deal with improving a brand’s sales or business by managing their online visibility through various marketing campaigns, channels and strategies. Digital marketer with knowledge of programmatic advertising are indispensable to businesses as they can efficiently handle multiple responsibilities in relation to marketing, advertising, social media management, campaigning, sales and so on. 

Similar Roles: Digital Marketing Executive, Digital Marketing Specialist

Media Planning Analyst / Media Planner – 

Media Planning analysts or Media Planners mainly figure out the media platforms to utilise for the purpose of marketing and advertising and also concern themselves with analysing campaigns and their results. Ideally, they must be privy to social media trends and other global issues, catching users’ attention through creative and compelling campaigns. Programmatic Advertising can thus prove to be an advantageous skill for them.

Similar Roles: Social Media (Performance) Analyst, Performance Marketer 

Advertising Technology Manager –

Programmatic Advertising is achieved through different kinds of softwares, websites and other technologies. The responsibility of assessing various kinds of such technologies and determining which ones are appropriate for a particular business’ use lies with Advertising Technology Managers. Through extensive research on current and future possible market trends, they keep themselves updated on new advertising tools, techniques and technologies and recommend their use after careful review.

Similar Roles: Advertising Operations Manager

Product Marketing Director –

The job of product marketing directors is pretty self-explanatory as they generally deal with exploring numerous creative ways to market products of a particular brand. Programmatic Advertising can aid them in their digital marketing ventures and campaigns.

Similar Roles: Product Marketing Manager, Ad Product Manager


Courses & Institutes to learn Programmatic Advertising:

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