Digital Marketing Salary in India- How Much You Can Make in 2023

Online presence is absolutely essential for any business or organization to grow and flourish today. Advertising and marketing are increasingly shifting towards the online domain. This online revolution has led to a boom in the digital marketing sector and other domains it touches and influences. The boom in the digital marketing sector automatically translates into increased and improved remuneration for jobs in this field. After all, salary is one of the primary considerations you look for before choosing a career path.


To satisfy your curiosity and answer all your queries, we have created this blog detailing digital marketing salary in India 2023 for different job profiles. Other than digital marketing salary in India, this blog also covers in detail the scope of digital marketing, job roles and responsibilities, and the list of top organizations offering high digital marketing salary in India 2023.


But before jumping into the digital marketing salary in India part, let’s understand what digital marketing is all about in the first place.

This Article Contains: 
  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Why Become a Digital Marketer? 
  • Scope of Digital Marketing as a Career with a Great Salary Profile
  • Average Digital Marketing Salary in India as per Experience
  • Digital Marketing Salary in India for Different Job Profiles
  • Digital Marketing Salary in India Offered by Top Organizations
  • Digital Marketing Courses Offered by DADE Academy
  • Final Thoughts

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is marketing in the virtual world, i.e., online marketing plain and simple. It is the use of online channels, platforms, and tools like websites, emails, apps, and social media to reach out to your customers online. And, this is done through content creation & distribution, social media marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and other online marketing activities

Why Become a Digital Marketer? 

Other than getting a high digital marketing salary in India, there are other reasons to embrace digital marketing as a career.

Here are some of the reasons to convince you to join this burgeoning industry.

Depending on your interests and skill sets, you can choose diverse roles in this sector. Some of the popular job profiles here include Pay-per-click specialists, social media specialists, SEO specialists, etc.

Compared to conventional jobs the digital marketing salary in India for freshers and experienced professionals is high. Freshers get competitive salaries that increase with their knowledge and experience in the field, with management roles paying much more.

Career progression in conventional jobs and traditional business sectors is challenging as the job market is highly saturated. Not in the digital marketing field, where the demand for professionals is high, yet the supply is comparatively low. This gives you tremendous opportunities for career progression and upward mobility and acquiring C-suite positions in the near future.

Digital marketing is a field that does not require too much investment to start your own business. You just need the right skillsets and the attitude to match, to start your entrepreneurial journey, scale up and reap the rewards of your labors, while being your own boss.

Scope of Digital Marketing as a Career with a Great Salary Profile

Your customers and audience are flocking towards the digital world, and more and more with each passing day. This makes digital marketing and advertising, the sector to be in. Here are some facts that testify to the humongous growth potential of digital marketing in India and across the world. There are more than 1.5 lakh jobs related to the digital marketing sector being created in India. Globally, digital advertising expenditure is expected to cross $500 billion by 2024.

As per Statista, India will have 974 million internet users by 2025, an immense number of potential digital marketing customers. 


As per a Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) report, the market value of the digital advertising industry in India will be more than $7.15 billion by 2025.

All these figures show that the digital marketing and advertising sector is booming and continue to grow in India. You can take advantage of the never-ending exponential growth this sector is witnessing by enrolling in a job-oriented Digital Marketing Course and turning your dreams into reality.

Average Digital Marketing Salary in India as per Experience

And just like any other sector, the average annual digital marketing salary in India increases with experience and time. Digital marketing professionals with more than 10 years of experience earn anywhere from INR 9 to 12 lakh per annum. Digital marketing professionals in Chennai earn the highest, with their average salary being 17 % above the national average.


Check out the below list, the average remuneration for digital marketing professionals as per their years of experience.

0 – 1 year INR 2.2 lakhs

1-2 years INR 2.5 lakhs

2-3 years INR 3.1 lakhs

3-4 years INR 3.5 lakhs

4-5 years INR 4.1 lakhs

5-6 years INR 4.5 lakhs

6-7 years INR 4.6 lakhs

7-8 years INR 7.1 lakhs

8-9 years INR 8 lakhs

Digital Marketing Salary in India for Different Job Profiles

There is a wide range of job profiles in the digital marketing sector. These include SEO executives, Copywriters, Digital Marketing Executives, and Digital Marketing Analysts among several others. Digital marketing salary in India, therefore varies for different job profiles.


To make it easier for you, we have listed the job responsibilities and salary structures for different digital marketing roles below.


Look and explore for yourself what type of digital marketing role interests you. 

You can also check out our other blogs which will help you decide on the course and the institute that will serve your needs best. 

The digital marketing executive is the entry-level position you get when you first join the digital marketing field. Digital marketing salary in India for freshers is between INR 1,50,000 to ₹2,10,000 per annum which may vary from company to company.



Job Responsibilities

  • Working on different digital marketing ideas under supervision.
  • Promoting digital marketing campaigns and merchandise.
  • Communicating with clients and other stakeholders.

Depending on your skillsets, capabilities, and experience, you will be promoted to the role of Digital Marketing Specialist. Digital marketing salary in India 2023 for a Digital Marketing Specialist hovers between INR 2,70,000 to ₹3,15,000 per year.



Job Responsibilities


  • Expertise in a specific field like SEO or SEM. 
  • Interpret data to figure out your core audience and ways to connect with them.
  • Communicate and engage with customers through effective digital marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Managers lead teams and develop and complete marketing projects assigned to them. You reach this position after putting in 4-5 years and upgrading your skillsets. Digital marketing salary in India for a mid-management profile is approx. INR 700,000 per annum.



Job Responsibilities


  • Creating and refining the digital presence of the organization or client’s brands online and on different social media platforms.
  • Optimizing and tweaking marketing campaigns. 
  • Communicating and engaging with clients, other stakeholders, and vendor partners.

Digital Marketing Head is a senior designation in the digital marketing sector. Digital marketing salary in India for a senior profile like marketing head varies between INR 8 to 10 lakh per annum.



Job Responsibilities


  • Heading the marketing department of the organization.
  • Crafting and implementing all-around digital marketing strategies and online campaigns.
  • Analyzing the data and taking strategic decisions based on it.

The primary function of SEO specialists is to improve the website’s visibility, and ranking and increase site traffic. The average digital marketing salary in India 2023 for SEO specialists is INR 4,32,000 per annum.



Job Responsibilities 


  • Keyword research to create SEO-friendly content that improves site traffic.
  • Designing and implementing link-building strategies.
  • Conduct on-site and off-site SEO analysis and optimization.
  • Keeping abreast of the latest trends in the SEO field.

Graphic Designers create visual content like illustrations, designs, and infographics with the help of graphic designing software. For this job profile, you need to be detail-oriented and creative as well as proficient in graphic design software like Adobe Suite. The average digital marketing salary in India for Graphic Designers is INR 3,65,000 per annum.



Job Responsibilities


  • Creating designs and illustrations as per the campaign objectives.
  • Designing logos and brand names.
  • Creating designs that are aligned with the brand of the organization or client.

As an Email marketing specialist, you will be responsible for creating and launching email marketing campaigns. Email marketing specialist digital marketing salary in India for freshers is around 3.5 lakh per annum which goes up to 10 lakhs per annum with experience and updated skillsets.



Job Responsibilities


  • Identifying your target audience and subscribing them to your email lists.
  • Maintain and update customer information databases.
  • Designing and generating email templates and ensuring that emails are correct and accurate.
  • Creating and launching email campaigns.


Copywriters convince viewers with words and nudge them to make the purchasing/conversion decision in favor of their clients.

In a copywriting profile, you will create specialized content for different channels and platforms including websites, paid online campaigns, and social media platforms. The average digital marketing salary in India for Copywriters is INR 4,50,000 per annum.



Job Responsibilities


  • Creating engaging copy that is appealing to viewers and aligns with the brand as well.
  • Editing and proofreading copy and optimizing it for SEO and online channels.

Pay-Per-Click Analysts design and implement paid search campaigns on Ad networks and social media platforms like Google Ads, Search & Display, Bing and Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Quora among others. The average digital marketing salary in India for PPC analysts is INR 4,52,000 per annum.



Job Responsibilities


  • Set up Ad Groups and campaigns.
  • Do keyword research and bid on them.
  • Create landing pages.
  • Monitor campaign budget.
  • Analyze data and monitor paid campaign performance.

Social Media Marketing Specialists as the name suggests formulate and implement social media marketing campaigns. The average digital marketing salary in India for Social Media Marketing Specialists is INR 5,00,000 per annum.



Job Responsibilities


  • Managing social media accounts of your organization and/or clients.
  • Coming up with content ideas that engage your core audience.
  • Creating, curating, and posting content from social media handles.
  • Identifying influencers in your niche and collaborating with them.
  • Managing social media campaigns and expanding your brand presence.
  • Exploring and identifying new social media platforms popular among your niche.

Web Developers create and maintain web pages and websites. To become a web developer, you need good knowledge of web design and coding languages like HTML, JavaScript, Python, etc. The average digital marketing salary in India 2023 for Web Developers is INR 4,99,000 per annum.



Job Responsibilities


  • Creating and maintaining user-friendly websites.
  • Design and test applications for websites.
  • Monitor site traffic and website performance.

Data Analyst as the name suggests collects, analyzes, and interprets data that allows the senior management to take decisions. 

For this job profile, you need to be proficient in statistics, a number of statistical software packages, and analytical tools specific to digital marketing like Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster tools. The average digital marketing salary in India 2023 for Data Analysts is INR 5,99,000 per annum.



Job Responsibilities


  • Collecting data from a variety of sources like financial reports, market research, and surveys.
  • Collate and interpret the so far collected data.
  • Analyzing results for the data and drawing relevant market references.
  • Identifying the underlying trends and patterns from the data analysis.
  • Communicating the results to the management and relevant teams allowing them to take business decisions.

Marketing Automation Specialists as the name suggests plan, implement, and manage marketing automation campaigns for their organizations and clients. For this job profile, you should be detail-oriented with good analytical skills and also be proficient in various marketing automation software and email marketing platforms. The average digital marketing salary in India for Marketing Automation Specialists is INR 8,00,973 per year.



Job Responsibilities


  • Build a marketing automation blueprint and design a marketing automation engine to execute marketing campaigns.
  • Create and deliver targeted digital marketing content like emails through the application of marketing software
  • Monitoring campaign performance and optimizing it with the help of data analysis.

Content strategists plan, create, and implement content marketing campaigns. For this job profile, you should have excellent communication and management skills as well as good knowledge of SEO and content marketing. The average digital marketing salary in India 2023 for Content Strategist/Marketing Manager is INR 9,50,000 per year.



Job Responsibilities


  • Managing and leading a team of writers, editors, data analysts, and illustrators.
  • Crafting content strategy and developing content plan as per the organization’s and client’s business objectives.
  • Building and managing editorial and content calendars so they are published on time.
  • Promoting and distributing content across different online platforms and channels.


Digital Marketing Salary in India Offered by Top Organizations

After exploring different digital marketing job profiles, have a look at what some of the top India-based Organizations are offering compensation for different digital marketing designations.


  1. Accenture India

Accenture offers an average salary of Rs 4,43,970 per annum for various digital marketing profiles. Have a look at the detailed list below for Accenture digital marketing salaries.

Job Profile- Average Annual Compensation Package

  • Digital Marketing Executive- Rs 3,10,000
  • Digital Marketing Associate- Rs 4,51,451
  • Digital Marketing Specialist- Rs 5,26,692
  • Digital Marketing Manager- Rs 5,27,880
  • Digital Marketing Analyst- Rs 5,77,466
  1. Google

Google offers an average salary of Rs 5,50,730 per year for various digital marketing profiles. Have a look at the detailed list below for Google digital marketing salaries. 

Job Profile- Average Annual Compensation Package

  • Digital Marketing Executive- Rs 2,00,000
  • Digital Marketing Specialist- Rs 6,70,000
  • Digital Marketing Manager- Rs 7,05,134
  1. Tata Consultancy Services

TCS offers an average salary of Rs 6,16,428 per year for various digital marketing profiles. Have a look at the detailed list below for TCS digital marketing salaries. 

Job Profile- Average Annual Compensation Package

  • Digital Marketing Executive- Rs 4,33,296
  • Digital Marketing Specialist- Rs 4,46,076
  • Digital Marketing Manager- Rs 5,60,000
  • Digital Marketing Analyst- Rs 6,60,000
  1. Amazon India

Amazon offers an average salary range of between Rs 2,04,000 to Rs 6,21,583 per year for various digital marketing profiles. Have a look at the detailed list below for Amazon India digital marketing salaries. 

Job Profile- Average Annual Compensation Package

  • Digital Marketing Associate- Rs 2,30,000
  • Digital Marketing Executive- Rs 3,93,800
  • Digital Marketing Specialist- Rs 9,38,780
  • Digital Marketing Manager- Rs 10,11,489

Digital Marketing Courses Offered by DADE Academy

To join the digital marketing field and get a high digital marketing salary in India and abroad, you have to learn digital marketing first. You can either learn on your own, but that’s a hit-and-miss process or join a good institute that will train you in the digital marketing field.


Digifine is a top-rated digital marketing institute with branches in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Pune. They are renowned for offering job-oriented digital marketing courses that get you industry ready within no time. 


Here is a list of their in-demand courses that will help get you a higher digital marketing salary in India and abroad as well.

If you are a fresher or thinking about switching career paths, then opt for this program as it is designed to provide exhaustive training in the digital marketing field.  It is an 8 months intensive training program offering international certifications, and global training opportunities with a 100% internship and placement guarantee. 


If you want to upgrade your digital marketing skills, then this is the right course for you. With more than 190+ hours of intensive training with 5+ advance modules, this course prepares you to take on the current challenges in the digital marketing industry and progress ahead in your career. And of course, this course comes with international certifications with a 100% internship and placement guarantee.


If you are a senior professional looking for the next big career move, then this course is perfect for you. Digital marketing is the in-thing right now, and knowledge and cutting-edge digital marketing skills provide value to your resume and improve your growth prospects. With more than 50+ hours of live classes and 5 industry certifications, this course equips you with all the in-demand skills in the digital marketing field and provides an impetus to your career, and boosts your chances of getting the next promotion.


This course from DADE Academy is designed for creative individuals and aspirants in the graphic design field. With more than 217 hours of practical training in 6+ industry-leading design software, you learn the graphic design skills that get you swamped with job offers on course completion. 


Data science is one of the career choices that offer a high digital marketing salary in India for freshersIf you want to make a career in data science, then do check out this course from Digifine. With 180+ hours of live classes, you get trained in programming languages like Python and R programming along with 10 industry tools and 20 skill sets. On course completion you get industry-recognized certifications including IBM certification along with 100% internship and placement assistance and post-course support.


This course from Digifine Academy is ideal for those looking for making a career in the web development field. You get trained in E-commerce website development using WordPress and WooCommerce. You learn CMS-based development and get training on Inventory Management Systems with live practice sessions on functioning websites. On course completion, you get 100% placement assistance and with the practical skillsets learned can start your own freelancing and entrepreneurial journey.


With Video Editing and Animation Program from Digifine, you learn video editing and animation skills from basic to advanced levels. You get trained by industry professionals with one-on-one mentoring in 4 top and in-demand industry software. This course opens a wide range of career options in media, animation, and related fields like animators, film editors, TV, and movie production, etc. And of course, with Digifine, you also get 100% placement assistance and post-course support that helps you take the next exciting step ahead in your career path.


Now that we have explored the digital marketing salary in India 2023 prospects, it is essential to know that these figures are not fixed.

Digital marketing salary in India varies from organization to organization and is also influenced by factors like locations, business sectors, and skillsets learned. With up-to-date digital marketing skillsets and experience in cutting-edge tools, you can command a lucrative digital marketing salary in India.


And that is where job-oriented digital marketing courses from Digifine with a focus on practical training come in. Digital marketing courses from Digifine equip you with the right skillsets to make it big in the digital marketing sector. 


Learn more about digital marketing courses hosted by Digifine Academy by emailing info@adbizit.com or contact us by phone numbers

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