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Digital Marketing for Real Estate

People’s first go-to for any of their buying needs is searching online, and real estate is no exception. With buyers increasingly shifting online for their real estate needs, hopping onto social media and search engines frequently, real estate agents and agencies have no alternative but to cater to these growing digital audiences. While traditional marketing techniques will keep them lagging behind competitors who have already branched into the digital realm, Digital Marketing is a data-driven approach that will enable them to grow their prospects and make the most of new technological advantages to aid their customers.

Importance of Digital Marketing for Real Estate:

Increase Audience Reach – The largest audience is present online. Digital Marketing, through research and analytics tools, enables you to get in-depth knowledge about these audiences, whether they are local or beyond. It helps you determine your target demographic which is essential since different age groups have different budgets and location and amenity needs.

Create an Online Brand Presence / Visibility – It is imperative for your brand to stand out in the cluttered online space of manifold services. For this, search engine and social media visibility must be bolstered through various digital marketing strategies. At the end of the day, good branding can help with establishing long-term credibility, building a good online reputation and maintaining a positive social image.

Stay Ahead of Competitors – It is no surprise that agencies with no or a weak digital presence experience low conversion rates and lead generations. Competitive real estate agents and agencies are already out there, making the best use of the digital space for growing their sales and enlarging their customer base. Using digital marketing tactics and strategies will not only help you keep up with them but also stay a step ahead of people who haven’t yet optimised and caught up with the wave of digital marketing.

Promote Creativity & Innovation The Internet and its dynamism constantly challenges brands to change their approaches and update their digital marketing strategies to continue to stay relevant. This also applies to the real estate business, with competitors pushing you to try out new technologies and look beyond the same, run-of-the-mill ideas.

Keep Track Digital marketing tools make it easy for businesses to track the performance of their cross-platform campaigns and the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. Not only this, but they can also keep an account of the behaviours, needs and patterns of their target audience to identify potential customers and carry out the necessary tactics to stay in their radar and grab their attention. The use of historical data in digital marketing thus helps in lead conversion.

Save Time & Resources with Automation Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning principles form the basis of the automation part of the digital marketing process. This carries forth a lot of repetitive tasks with ease, thus saving brands their precious time and resources that can be redirected towards more creatively rewarding ventures. Thus, marketing automation tools increase ROI (Return on Investment) and can be applied to Email Marketing and other cross-platform campaigns. Google Analytics is a powerful tool used by nearly every business to achieve this.

Ways to Use Digital Marketing in Real Estate:


Social Media Marketing – Real estate agencies can take advantage of the plethora of social media marketing platforms available in order to achieve brand awareness and simultaneously build a sizable audience. Since the demographic that is financially capable as well as prepared to invest in real estate does not lie on the younger side, Facebook can prove to be a much better platform for advertising than, say, Instagram. Facebook Ads is a great tool for this purpose.Besides this, crafting curated Facebook and Instagram pages can be a pertinent way to build a brand profile, run campaigns and enhance engagement and interaction with users. Formats like reels, stories, posts, website content, blog content, use of testimonials, statistics, achievements that show experience and credibility, etc, can be employed in this regard. All of this should be user-friendly and easily navigable through any device. 


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – SEM includes PPC (Pay-Per-Click) kind of marketing algorithms that basically charge advertisers or businesses for each click on an advertisement plugged anywhere across the web. This technique can help target people who’ve searched for something related to the subject of real estate. A good tool to achieve this is Google Ads. Besides this, SEO involves an organic style of content marketing which focuses on the use of keywords, backlinks and creation of relevant, quality content for your website or blog. SEO strategies can be perfected with factors like good structuring and titling, use of a range of formats like graphics, images and videos, FAQs, etc. optimised for and and all devices. SEM and SEO can be used to complement each other for maximum results.


Video Marketing – Videos are crucial to the field of real estate. Advertisements in the form of short videos have been observed to receive substantially better responses. These videos can consist of realistic property tours and all necessary information about your agency as well as of the property in question. Live online sessions and seminars can be conducted for increased interaction. It is advisable to avoid misdirecting audiences with unauthentic or unreal videos and always attempt to use real or near-real footage. One way to prove authenticity is to consider live streaming at the location.


Email Marketing – Email campaigns will be highly beneficial for updating existing clients and keeping potential ones in loop with newsletters, personalised emails, blog posts, reminders, sale alerts and other property developments. Digital Marketing tools can help you schedule these emails and keep them concise and regular.


Augmented Reality (AR / VR) – A highly immersive, sensory experience can be facilitated through 3D virtual site tours. These walkthroughs can include a detailed show of the surrounding area and nearby, available amenities like transport, school, hospitals, parks etc. as well as in-property facilities like play area, swimming pool, gym, etc. AR and VR technology will therefore help people to associate your brand with this kind of a unique and memorable experience.

Best Digital Marketing Courses & Institute:

 So if you’re already a real estate agent, an aspiring one, or someone looking to get into the real estate business, kickstart your digital marketing journey with one the best Digital Marketing Institutes – Digifine Academy of Digital Education (DADE)! Digifine offers a range of globally recognised Digital Marketing courses along with relevant, international certifications. These courses are taught by a highly experienced faculty using comprehensive modules and a practical approach. Further, if you wish to get placed in a good company, Digifine gives you a 100% Placement Guarantee with post-course support to help you out in your digital marketing endeavours. Find below some details regarding a few of their courses, modules, features, fees and contact information.

Courses offered – Digifine Graduate Digital Marketing Program, Professional Digital Marketing Program,  Executive Digital Marketing Program, etc.

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