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Best Digital Marketing Courses in Pune with Placement

Digital Marketing has proved to be one of the most dynamic fields that has seen a steep growth in the past couple of decades, and presently proceeds to soar on a similar exponential trajectory. While simply being the process of applying marketing strategies to the digital realm, it is a deeply complex, tremendously multifaceted and brilliantly scalable discipline. The digital revolution has played the most pivotal role in shaping its immense importance for every major brand and business. With all human aspects and practices shifting online, the scope of digital marketing has risen boundlessly. New technologies continue to fuel its ongoing growth and with this, more and more people are aspiring to become digital marketing professionals. Are you also seeking to become a digital marketer? Are you wondering where to start and what courses can help you advance your digital marketing career? Look no further! This article will give you a list of some of the best digital marketing courses in Pune with Placement, so you have to worry about neither the learning aspect nor stress about getting hired!

Difference between Placement Assistance & Placement Guarantee:

Before we delve into the best digital marketing courses in 2024 in Pune, let’s first clarify that there is a difference between the frequently used terms ‘Placement Assistance’ and ‘Placement Guarantee’. And what is it? Simply put, Placement Assistance / Support refers to the aid given to students on their way to acquire a job. This includes help with things like portfolio-building, resume-building, explaining confusing topics, helping out with complex problems, conducting mock interviews and providing mentors for the same. On the other hand, Placement Guarantee is when you are given a 100% assurance of being placed with a decent digital marketing agency. This pertains to all the aforementioned help as well as the additional arrangement of actual interviews with digital marketing companies looking to hire professionals. Institutes that offer a placement guarantee usually have placement partners and tie-ups with certain agencies and get you a job in one of them without a doubt.


Now, why should you know this difference? It is important for you to understand these terms in order to be able to effectively pick a course that offers either of the two, depending on your specific needs and personal goals. If you are simply someone who wants to upskill or an entrepreneur looking to learn digital marketing for the growth of their business, then you can opt for either of the two options. This is because you wouldn’t necessarily have the need for a job right after the completion of your course. But if you are among those looking for employment opportunities, then a course offering placement guarantee is the perfect pick for you! You can simply focus on your learning process while the institute offering the course can look after the rest.

Best digital marketing courses in pune with placement:

Find a list of some of the top digital marketing marketing courses in Pune with Placement below.

  • Digifine Academy of Digital Education (DADE):

     Digifine is one of the best digital marketing institutes in Pune, offering a wide range of courses with comprehensive modules taught by a highly experienced faculty. These globally recognised courses provide you with tons of industry exposure through practical training and several live projects. They also comprise unique modules exclusively taught nowhere else in India like OTT Advertising, Strategic Management, Data Science (Marketing Analytics) and Programmatic Media Buying. Not only this, but besides several professional certifications on the completion of your course, you also receive an international certification from IBMI Institute in Berlin, Germany for the Strategic Management module. What’s more is that there is a 100% Placement Guarantee as well as post-course support, which means that Digifine’s mentors will guide you at every step of your learning journey! Find out more about their courses below:

Courses Digital Marketing Graduate Program in Pune, Professional Digital Marketing Program,  Executive Digital Marketing Program, etc.

Modules covered Search Engine Optimisation, Google Analytics, Influencer Marketing, Programmatic Media Buying, Brand Management, Website Development, E-Commerce Management, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, etc.

Features 100% Placement Guarantee, Global Recognition, Courses designed by Industry Experts, Practical Learning, Conducive Environment, Comprehensive Modules, International Certifications, Post-Course Support, EMI option for fees payment, etc.


  • PIIDM:

      PIIDM offers practical and job-oriented digital marketing courses in Pune, along with placement support and a range of options to pick from. They also host extracurricular events and have a good learning environment. Their Pune classroom course is for the duration of 2 months and availability of installment option for payment of fees.

Course Digital Marketing Course in Pune

Modules covered Blog Creation, Website link Building, Social Media Automation, Copy writing & Ad copy, Search Engine Marketing, Facebook & Instagram Marketing, etc.

    • Features Practical training, Placement assistance, LOR, Study Portal (LMS), 10+ years experience, Affordable fees, Live projects, 10+ years of experience, etc.
  • LIPS India: 

      LIPS India has advanced and detailed digital marketing courses in Pune with Placement / Job Assistance. Their data-driven courses are taught by experienced professionals who train you on fundamentals as well as advanced concepts to help you grow as a digital marketer.

Course Digital Marketing Course Pune

Modules covered Advanced Google Adwords, Social Media Monitoring, Content Creation, GA4 and GTM PRO, Mobile Marketing, CRO, User Behaviour Monitoring, etc.

Features 140+ hours of live training, Job assistance, LMS Lifetime Access, 20+ years experience, hybrid learning, 20+ tools, fit for all, etc.


  • NSDM:

      NSDM is a reputed institute offering a well-evolved course on digital marketing in Pune. These courses are designed after detailed market study and analysis as well as cover all important aspects of digital marketing to get you ready for an amazing digital marketing job. They also give you insights on other courses like MBA, BBA, BCA, etc.

Course GrowthAcad-Digital Marketing Course Pune

Modules covered Web Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Video Advertising, E-commerce Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Marketing & Sales Automation, App Store Optimization, Content Marketing & Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Display Advertising, etc.


  • Digital Skills:

      Digital Skills is a digital marketing institute in Pune that has a corpus of competitive digital marketing courses. These courses incorporate updated digital marketing tools and strategies to help you stay relevant and adapt to changing market trends. They are suitable for people of all backgrounds, whether they are freshers or possess experience. The duration of their digital marketing course is 30 hours. 

Course Advanced Integrated Digital Marketing Course in Pune

Modules covered Keyword Research, Search Engine Marketing (PPC), Introduction to Growth Hacking, Impact of Digital Marketing, Introduction to Affiliate Marketing, etc.

Features Competitive courses, Up to date with industry trends, Practical knowledge, part-time learning, etc.