What is OTT Advertising: The Ultimate Guide

The 21st century digital boom has experienced a massive change in the way entertainment services are delivered. Today, OTT or Over-The-Top platforms are ruling the digital scene with an excessively large variety of services available to audiences. Some of the popular ones are Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hostar, Jio Cinemas, Hulu, Voot, etc. These platforms are buzzing with new pieces of content every day and their attractive, immersive and captivating nature has people glued to their devices. With this, the advertising industry underwent a transformation too. Now, you can find ads everywhere across digital platforms, and OTT is no exception. OTT Advertising is simply the process of placing ads across such OTT platforms and streaming devices. OTT Ads can appear on any device with an internet connection, including smart TVs, mobile phones, laptops, etc.

How Does OTT Advertising Work

Following are some of the crucial steps that go into OTT Advertising.


  • Know Your Audience – Analytics tools will have you identify your target audience and study their online behaviors, habits, needs, desires and preferences. Once you get an idea about this, it will help you go onto the next steps of your strategy-making process with better planning.


  • Ad Creation – The next step is the ideation and creation aspect of content for your OTT Ads. Try to be original and innovative at this stage. Create attractive, concise and informative ads that can easily grab the attention of your target audience and captivate them.


  • Platform Selection – There are a huge number of OTT platforms available for advertising, as mentioned above. Try to pick more than one of these to increase chances of conversions.


  • Buying OTT Ads Space – You can either buy ad space on your selected platforms directly or via the automated ad buying process of programmatic advertising.


  • Execution of OTT Advertising campaign – Next, you set up a few OTT Advertising campaigns, schedule their execution, manage certain factors and make the final launch.


  • Tracking – This step is extremely critical. After the launch has been completed, you will have to constantly track and monitor your campaigns to make sure everything is running smoothly and as planned.


  • Analytics & Reporting – Through analytics, you can understand the weak and strong points of your OTT Advertising campaigns and strategy while gaining useful insights about their performance. You can then put together a report that covers all of this data that can be useful for the final step.


  • Optimization – Optimization focuses on making necessary changes and relevant adjustments to your existing campaigns and strategies based on the gained analytics reports. Its goal is constant improvement for achieving maximum results and increasing conversion volume.

Types of OTT Ads

Here are the 3 major types of OTT Ads:


1. Banner Ads are generally still images that appear below the video content you consume on OTT platforms. They are clickable but do not appear in the middle of your video and thus do not interrupt your viewing experience at all.


2. Overlay Ads – On the other hand, overlay ads are also still OTT ads that are featured on top of your video. They are clickable as well, but interrupt your viewing experience for a few seconds until you can click on the button that makes them disappear.


3. In-video Ads – These ads are in video format itself and can be up to 30 seconds long. There are 3 types of in-video ads as given below.

  • Pre-roll Ads – Pre-roll OTT Ads come in before your content has begun to play. They are generally skippable after a few seconds or non-skippable in case of short video ads.
  • Mid-roll Ads – The only difference here is that these ads play in the middle of your viewing experience.
  • Post-roll Ads – Post-roll ads are played after you are done watching your video content.

Benefits of OTT Advertising

Increased Audience Reach – These days nearly every person uses some OTT platform or another for consuming content. There are hardly any age limits to the kind of audiences active on these platforms. This means that with your OTT Ads, you can reach a wider group of people across broad demographics and online habits. Further, since OTT platforms can be accessed from any device, you also leap beyond those technical limitations and engage with people of all backgrounds. 

Better Targeting & Conversions – Analytics are easily available and accessible for OTT Advertising. This makes it possible for you to get an idea about the key metrics of your ad campaigns and gain valuable insights that can help you with optimizing your OTT Ads for the future. You can also learn more about viewer history, likes, needs and habits which can help you analyze whom to target at the right time in the right place. With better targeting, you increase your chances of driving sales and improving conversion rates.

Personalization – Another advantage of analytics is that it makes personalized OTT Advertising quite effective. As you get to know your target audience better, you can tap their interests and desires to not only boost your brand conversions but also improve your relationship with users and potential customers through personalized experiences.

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