Skills Required for Digital Marketing Freshers

In the ripe digital age of the 21st century, digital marketing has emerged as one of the most coveted fields for businesses as well as aspiring professionals. It is a multifaceted discipline with multiple subfields that each have tremendous scope in the future. Good digital marketers are those that have mastered a wide range of skills, tools and techniques.  If you are looking to navigate the world of digital marketing, we know it can be a confusing and overwhelming journey. This article aims to make it easier for you to find out about the essential digital marketing skills and resources to help you learn everything you need to know in order to become a successful digital marketer.

List of Digital Marketing Skills Required for Freshers:

SEO – Search engine optimization is an organic way of gaining website traffic through boosted SERP (search engine result page) rankings. It is one of the most important skills needed for digital marketing due to its cost-effectiveness and credibility factor. It helps businesses build a good online presence and reputation over time. On-page and off-page SEO are two branches of this, wherein the former refers to strategies related to keywords, content optimization, meta titles and descriptions, etc. On the other hand, off-page SEO focuses on link-building, social bookmarking, blog commenting, etc.


Paid Advertising – Another one of the key skills required in digital marketing is paid advertising, PPC (pay per click) marketing or Google Ads. This is a rather quick and great way to increase visibility and traffic online. All you need to do is pay a certain cost every time someone clicks on your placed advertisements. 


Social Media Marketing – Social media is an inseparable part of digital marketing, and rightfully so, considering the kind of reach it can help businesses achieve. This is one of those skills for a digital marketer that is high in demand and utilizes various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc. for the purpose of marketing. Social Media Optimization is also an essential part of improving upon existing tactics.


Email Marketing – Email Marketing is part of the digital marketing basic knowledge. It entails the mass circulation of general or personalized emails to keep people interested and in touch with a brand. These emails are usually regarding new products or services, discounts, festive alerts, sales, promotions, blog updates, new articles, or other brand news.


Google Analytics – One of the most important technical skills for digital marketing is being proficient with using Google Analytics. It is an extremely industry-relevant digital marketing tool that helps you with testing, tracking and conducting cross-platform campaigns as well as performance analysis and assessment. Google Analytics is also incredibly useful to get access to reports and visualizations which can influence the formulation of your future digital marketing strategies. 


Programmatic Advertising – This is one of the more advanced and extraordinary skills of digital marketing which involves the automated buying of online ad space. Digifine Academy of Digital Education (DADE) is the only digital marketing institute in India that includes this as a module in its courses.


Data Analytics – With data being the foundation of all things digital, data analytics is one of the extremely crucial digital marketing technical skills. It also forms the basis of many of the top industry tools like Google Ads, Google Analytics, etc. Digifine offers some of the best digital marketing courses with a comprehensive module on Data Science (Marketing Analytics) that covers all the essential aspects of this concept.

List of Digital Marketing Skills Required for Freshers:

Projects – Simply getting acquainted with digital marketing knowledge is not enough to build a strong career in the field. This is why Digifine Academy has an expert faculty that gives you practical digital marketing training through live projects which give you the space to be creative and learn from your mistakes while also helping you build a diverse portfolio.


Industry Exposure – Besides acquiring all the skills required for digital marketing fresher, you must also try to expand your experience by working with industry experts and seeing how things work in the professional world. Digifine thus provides its students with global industry exposure, which not only reveals them to real-time problems but also prepares them for the future.


Certifications – Certifications act as a testament to your digital marketing executive skills. At Digifine, by the end of your digital marketing classes, you receive several professional as well as international certifications from IBMI Institute in Berlin Germany for the Strategic Management module.

OTT Advertising – Basic knowledge of digital marketing is not enough to make it big. This is exactly why Digifine’s digital marketing program comes with unique modules like OTT Advertising, Strategic Management, Programmatic Media Buying and Data Analytics to give you that advanced edge in the industry.


Anyone can pursue a career in digital marketing! As a digital marketing fresher, you can begin with learning the basic and advanced digital marketing skills and tools, gain valuable industry experience through projects and internships, and kickstart your digital marketing career now! Digifine Academy welcomes all beginners for their comprehensive digital marketing courses in India and encourages them to work towards a better professional future.

There is nothing necessarily hard or easy about learning digital marketing. It is a rewarding field with a few challenging concepts that can be quite easy to understand with the help of the right trainers. Digifine has highly experienced faculty who take a practical digital marketing training approach on conveying concepts, which can ease you into the subject slowly and help you get a better grasp on things.

If you are a digital marketing fresher looking to step into the field, then your first step should be to look for a good digital marketing course. A program that can cover all key topics for you while providing you with relevant certifications and job opportunities can do wonders for your career. Digifine is one of the best digital marketing institutes with placement guarantee, in-depth course modules and post-course support.

The average salary of a fresher digital marketing is anywhere between 2.5 – 5.5 LPA, which can certainly go higher depending on your experience, expertise and performance. 

Digital channels are everything to businesses now. With almost all their target audiences being found online, the only way brands can reach them easily is through digital marketing strategies. Apart from this, new technologies and online trends are giving an even quicker boost to the already massive scope of digital marketing.