Placement Assistance & Placement Guarantee: Criteria for Evaluating Digital Marketing Program​

Placement Assistance & Placement Guarantee: Criteria for Evaluating Digital Marketing Program

When you’re out looking for the best digital marketing course that will cater to your needs and fulfill all your requirements, you are bound to be a little overwhelmed by the plethora of institutes and courses available in the market. You will find out that it’s best to have a few set criteria that you can use in order to assess each digital marketing program to pick the best fit for you. Placement is one of the most crucial USP (unique selling point) that digital marketing institutes stress upon for interested students, as most of them are usually looking for jobs and the ones that aren’t already might just want to eventually. I’m sure you must have come across multiple such instances where you noticed courses offering placement assistance or placement guarantee. But do you know what each of these terms mean? Are you aware that there is a steep difference between the two? This article aims to educate you about the nuances of everything related to placement criteria, so that you can evaluate and sign up for the best digital marketing program with ease.

  • Placement Assistance:

      Let us first expound the term ‘Placement Assistance’. To break it down, ‘assistance’ refers to any kind of help or support. This means that the criteria of placement assistance pertains to everything involving the tools, skills, resources, etc. that will aid you in your job placement journey. This usually includes help with things like building your resume, having a range of projects in your portfolio, helping you decode things if you are stuck at any point in a digital marketing problem, conducting mock interviews, providing a mentor, giving internship opportunities, and so on. This can be useful for people looking to upskill as well as for aspiring freelancers and business owners who need knowledge regarding digital marketing principles.

  • Placement Guarantee:

      ‘Placement Guarantee’, on the other hand, is a pretty self-explanatory term. It indicates a full-fledged, 100% guarantee undertaken by the institute offering the digital marketing course to you. Here, they promise to expose you to recruiters and companies looking for digital marketing professionals and undoubtedly get you placed on the successful completion of your course. These institutes have tie-ups with certain companies or placement partners and allow you to connect directly with them. They take care of everything from the placement assistance process to conducting interviews for you and guiding you as to how you can approach specific problems. It literally means a sure-shot guarantee of being placed post course completion. This is tremendously useful for people looking for job opportunities immediately.


  • Placement Assistance vs. Placement Guarantee:

      In this section, a few differences between placement assistance and placement guarantee will be delineated so that you can distinguish between the two easily and pick the right option to suit your requirements. While with Placement Assistance, an institute guides you at every step of the way to your dream job, with Placement Guarantee, you can actually get into that dream job right after your course is done. People who are not looking for jobs at that particular point in their life will not necessarily require a Placement Guarantee. This applies to aspiring freelancers or people who are already freelancing, as well as business owners looking to gain knowledge about digital marketing to grow their business. Working professionals simply looking to upskill and have value additions to their resume can also opt for it. On the other hand, institutes offering Placement Guarantee can be suitable for everyone including (aspiring) freelancers, aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, working professionals, individuals looking to work part-time, full-time or on a contractual basis. This is because in this case, it is ensured that you get decent options for placements in good companies after the entirety of your course. 


  • Why go for Placement Guarantee?

      Now that you have been enlightened about both the terms, Placement Assistance and Placement Guarantee, this article will go a step further to explain why it is generally advisable to go for the latter option. A course offering placement guarantee is designed from the perspective of equipping you with all the requisite skills and knowledge that can help you to stand confidently in the job market. They assign you projects and make you work on a lot of practical applications of your course material. This practical perspective will prepare you for the real-world problems you will face at your job both during and after the recruitment process. It will also give you tons of industry exposure and you will be able to work on multiple things and learn consistently from your mistakes as well as your peers, mentors and seniors. When institutes want to place you with any of their placement partners, they want to make sure you are fit and well-versed with a great foundation of all aspects of digital marketing. There is no chance for them to slack off on your training process because you will be an indirect representation of their institute while interviewing, and they cannot afford to lose their reputation in the digital marketing industry. Thus, you also get the guarantee of being fully instructed and guided through the smallest details of your coursework as well as the job process. And even if you are not sure or certain about whether you want a job after your course, it is always a good idea to have something concrete to fall back on in case you change your mind. Remember, it never hurts to have a solid backup plan!

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