SEO Tips & Tricks: A Complete Guide to Boost Rankings in 2024

When you look something up on a search engine like Google, do you notice that there are some websites that appear immediately on the first page without being tagged “sponsored”? Why do you think that only these few websites are what you see first? What sets them apart from the ones that get pushed behind into the rest of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)? This distinguishing factor is none other than what is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. SEO refers to the organic practice of acquiring top rankings on SERPs and driving maximum website traffic through unpaid means. It is a process that focuses on content quality and optimization to increase a website’s visitors and a brand’s online visibility. 


Broadly, there are two branches that make understanding SEO easier: On-page and Off-page. On-page SEO is limited to optimizing your own website with keywords, high-quality and relevant content, internal linking, meta titles and descriptions, etc. On the other hand, Off-page SEO is concerned with attracting traffic from other online channels or outlets like websites and social media through backlinking, social bookmarking, blog commenting, etc. When working on SEO, there are a lot of pointers and concepts that need to be understood deeply and prioritized. 

All of this will be elucidated further along with a complete guide to the important tips and tricks to conduct effective SEO in 2024.

A Complete Guide to SEO Tips & Tricks to Boost Rankings in 2024:

Optimize / Recreate Old Content A lot of times, your old content lacks in being relevant with respect to new trends on the internet. In such cases, it can be a good idea to recreate and repurpose it in the same format with pertinent changes as well as other different formats. For instance, written content can be optimized in the diagrammatic, pictorial, short or long video format.

Use Internal Linking Internal links basically take users from a particular page to other pages on your website or even different sections on that same page. For this, specific terms or concepts can be hyperlinked so that users don’t have to jump from one website to the other to understand something thoroughly and they can find exactly what they’re looking for with ease.

Voice Search Optimization Voice searches are becoming increasingly more common and they are pretty different from a regular text search. This is why attaining top ranks in voice search results is a wholly separate ball game. Usually, voice search results are either spoken or displayed by AI bots and in such cases, only the top result or first few results are shown. It is therefore important to optimize content that can appear first in reaction to these verbal queries.

Perform extensive Keywords Research Researching target audiences and search engine results to produce a list of pertinent keywords is extremely important in SEO. You can determine keyword volume, which keywords have commercial intent, high-priority keywords, and other such things and then optimize content accordingly for the best results.

 Optimize for Multiple Devices – Many times, while focusing on content quality and upload speed, people often forget to take into account the fact that their website will be viewed by people using different devices, like laptops, systems, tablets, mobile phones, etc. Optimizing for all of them is crucial to smooth functioning and better visibility.

Use Short & Descriptive URLs – Less is more. Keep your website URLs to-the-point and concise. Let them convey the exact idea of the page and nothing more or less. Simplicity is key to effective SEO.

Website Loading Speed – Naturally, websites that load faster tend to attract more traffic as they are easier and quicker to use. When a website takes too long to load, users lose their patience, go back and click on the next best option. This impacts the time spent on your website and ultimately pushes it lower on SERPs. Keep an eye out for the factors slowing down your website speed and fix them immediately. 

Focus on Technical SEO Technical SEO is concerned with all of the technical aspects of a website to make it rank on SERPs. Websites that have the best content but clumsy technicalities almost never rank high. Mobile optimization, optimized URLs and increased website loading speed are examples of technical SEO. The idea is to basically make it easier for search engine bots to navigate through your web pages in order to decide whether they are worth a high rank. 

Get Backlinks on the best Websites Getting backlinks on high-quality websites can be a game-changer for your website. Backlinks indicate the value of your website from the perspective of these other sites that reference yours. They increase credibility and are also known as inbound links. 

Focus on Increasing Dwell Time A related factor to website loading speed is the amount of time spent by users on your web page, also known as “dwell time”. People have short attention spans and high demands from the sites they visit. If you do not work on retaining them for long periods of time, they will bounce off to a different site instantly, thus contributing to your website’s eventual downranking. Websites with the least bounce rates send a message to search engines that people like what they’re seeing which potentially leads to higher rankings.

Focus on Visual Assets Visual assets are elements that can be visually appealing and gripping for visitors on your website. These could be graphics, images, videos, charts, diagrams, etc. Not only do these communicate concepts illustratively, but also make your web page more attractive and interesting to view. They serve both aesthetic and intellectual purposes for your SEO efforts.

Invest in UI / UX or Graphic Design Good UI / UX or Graphic design improves user’s interactions and experience with your website. It prioritizes the aforementioned visual assets and makes the website more usable. Easy navigation leads to more website traffic which in turn shoots up SERP rankings

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