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2021 was an eventful year and we have seen some massive trends when it comes to the digital world.  TikTok has continued to rise as the most popular social media channel amongst Gen Z users. Facebook changed its name to Meta, rebranding itself as “metaverse,” a shared virtual environment which could end up being the successor to mobile internet. Google announced that it would phase out third party cookies by the end of 2023. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs have continued their momentum, leading to multiple speculations about the future of finance.  Every year we have new trends and 2023 is going to be the same. In fact, 2023 could be said to have some groundbreaking digital marketing trends. Let’s take a look at the recent trends in marketing world which might be big in the year ahead!

Faster Websites 

Website traffic is overwhelmingly coming from mobile users but most of the sites are still not optimized for mobiles. It does not mean that you should ignore desktop view, only that when the website is designed it should be done with the intention of delivering the best experience to mobile users. 

From faster page loading you will get better positions on SERPs and increased consumer satisfaction leading to more conversions.

Telling a Real Story 

This is one of the latest trends in digital marketing but it is here to stay. Consumers no longer want to listen to you wax poetic about why your product/service is the best, they want to know how you can actually create value for them.  Making consumers care for your brand will not directly sell your product/service but it will definitely make them want to engage with you, which will help in creating a loyal consumer base in the long term.

Video Marketing

According to a study, video marketing is going to account for 82% of all online traffic by 2023. And 84% of consumers were convinced to buy a product post watching a video and they’re twice as likely to share video content than any other type of content. This shows how big video marketing is going to get in 2023 and in the coming years. 

Short videos with simple and concise content which encourage engagement, like TikTok videos, Instagram Reels and Youtube Shorts, are extremely popular and highly consumed. They are one of the latest digital marketing trends which can be extensively used by marketers in the upcoming year.

Relevance of content matters

This is one of the latest trends in digital marketing. Content is king, is what we’ve all heard. But with the variety and quantity of content available on the internet today, irrelevant and repetitive content will just get lost in the sea of content. Consumers, now, are only interested in valuable and high-quality content. It is no longer about how much you post, but about what you post. It is better to post less frequently but post useful and engaging content.


One of the recent trends in the marketing world is Facebook changing its name to Meta. They are getting big on ‘metaverse’, which is a virtual world of augmented experiences. There is a high potential that Meta will soon be everywhere. This could mean some big changes in the future of the web. It could also mean great opportunities for marketers who know how to look for opportunities in these spaces.

Influencer Marketing – Digital marketing trends

Influencer Marketing grew up to $13.8 billion in 2021 and it will keep up the growth rate even in 2023. Micro-Influencers are quite a popular choice amongst marketers since they have a small but dedicated audience which is better than having a large but scattered audience. 

This is one of the digital marketing tends to look out for in the coming year if you are a marketer.

AI in marketing

Of the latest trends in digital marketing, the integration of Artificial Intelligence into marketing is one of the most interesting ones. From automated tasks like controlling marketing campaigns to predicting what the consumers will most likely want next, the convenience which marketing AI technologies provide is staggering. 

In the coming years, using AI to increase conversion rates and retaining new customers is going to be a necessity.

NFTs in Social Media E-Commerce

NFTs in marketing is one of the latest digital marketing trends. Even if you haven’t been investing in cryptos, the rise of online currencies and NFTs has been near impossible to miss in the last few years. You might wonder how that affects marketing, right?

Well, with social media platforms like Twitter, integrating cryptocurrency payments, and a rising trend for display tools which exhibit in-app NFT purchases, now is a great time to consider how your brand can join the trend. 

The focus with NFTs is to consider how to sell the brand beyond the products and services and possibly the brand itself. This is one of the recent trends in marketing which could be big in the near future.

Privacy & Trust Building

With the rise in digital advertising, consumers are becoming conscious of the content they are consuming and the data that is being collected from them. With privacy laws becoming stricter and Google announcing phasing out of cookies by 2023, marketers will have to change the advertising strategies which have worked for them so far. This does not necessarily mean trouble for marketers. Infact, this is an opportunity for them to be more transparent and open with consumers and let them know what data is being used and for what. This can lead to better relations which can only bode well for the business in the long term. This is one of the recent trends in marketing which marketers can use for their advantage.

The Bottom Line

So those are all the digital marketing trends worth keeping an eye out for in the coming year. There will always be new trends to keep track of and new updates to follow. But a digital marketing strategy with a sound foundation will make sure you get through all changes effortlessly. Hence, while these trends are important to monitor, it is always recommended to have the core values of your advertising goals at the place. It will help you no matter how drastically trends change every year. We hope this post helps you in your digital marketing planning for the year.

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