Graphic Design is an extremely dynamic creative field that has warranted a lot of demand in the past few years. With new developments in technology, graphic design has evolved immensely with respect to the techniques  Individuals with a predominantly creative inclination often resort to pursuing a career in graphic design. If you are an aspiring graphic designer who is looking for a good graphic design course in pune with placement, then the following article delves into the details of choosing a good program to boost your career prospects.

Criteria for Selecting a Graphic Design Course in Pune:

Types of courses – The most basic criteria for choosing the best graphic design course in Pune is the variety of courses offered by an institute. Every program can be differentiated on the basis of the topics it covers, its duration, number of certifications, skills and tools taught, and further relevance and opportunities. It is important that you go through each of these and assess them to pick a course that suits your needs and aligns with your goals perfectly. Take your time in evaluating the offerings of each notable graphic design institute in Pune. Be patient with your decision and remember to keep in mind that the course you choose can impact your career immensely.

Syllabus – The next key criteria to consider when picking the best graphic design classes in Pune is the syllabus covered in the stipulated time period. All the major design concepts and their applications should be included in a cohesive program. Digifine Academy of Digital Education (DADE) is one of the best graphic design institutes in Pune offering courses that consist of comprehensive and unique modules. Some of these include: Layers, Selections, Compositional Techniques, Video Editing, Color Correction, Animation, Motion Graphics, Drawing, Wireframing, Prototyping, etc.

Duration – Every course is of a distinct duration and you can choose the one that suits your time limitations, if any. Digifine Academy’s courses vary in duration so that you can figure out the amount of time you are willing to invest in learning and make your choice accordingly. 

  • Graphic Design Masters Program: 10 months 
  • Graduate Graphic Design Program: 6 months
  • Video Editing & Animation Program: 5-6 months
  • Video Editing Program: 1-2 months

Tools & Software – Graphic design is the kind of discipline that requires practical application of design principles via different tools and software. Digifine thus offers a 20% theoretical and 80% practical approach wherein you are trained on top industry-relevant graphic design software like: 

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. Adobe Illustrator
  3. InDesign
  4. Figma
  5. Adobe After Effects
  6. Adobe Premiere Pro, etc.

Learning the workings of graphic design through these tools can help you build the right skill set required to advance your graphic design career. 

Projects – Utilize the various graphic design tools and techniques and apply your skills on live projects given by Digifine Academy’s trainers. Working on unique projects and challenging assignments can help you learn how to apply your knowledge and solve real-world problems. These can also help you build an impressive portfolio, add tremendous value to your resume and stand out in a competitive job market.

Faculty – The kind of teachers you have defines your entire learning journey and impacts it immensely. Digifine houses highly experienced faculty who have accumulated significant industry expertise in graphic design. The trainers here are friendly, extremely supportive and always willing to help you with all kinds of problems and queries.

Exposure – The best approach to acquiring practical graphic design skills is to actually step into the industry and interact with other professionals. This is why Digifine offers global exposure to all of its students so that they can learn and collaborate to build dynamic expertise as well as adapt to changing industry trends and new technologies.

Job Opportunities – Besides acquiring essential skills, the goal for a majority of the people signing up for graphic design courses is to help them get a job in a good design agency. Digifine understands the stress and importance of building a successful career and thus offers a 100% placement guarantee on the completion of their graphic design course in Pune. Due to this, you will not have to worry about finding a job later and can focus entirely on your learning process. The trainers here also provide you with placement support through masterclasses in interview etiquette, support with portfolio and resume building, conduction of mock interviews and arrangement of interviews with the best graphic design agencies. Here, you can secure your career and boost your prospects in the industry with ease!

Certifications – Certificates act as testaments to your acquired knowledge, skills and understanding of the discipline as well as workings of the field. They add a lot of value to your resume and can be incredibly helpful in shaping your career if earned from a notable institute. Digifine offers multiple professional certifications to students on the completion of their graphic design course in Pune.

Credibility – Reliability and recognition are two of the key features of a good graphic design institute. Digifine Academy has been a leading and reputed institution with years of expertise in training students and helping them build highly successful careers. All of its graphic design courses are globally recognized and designed to be up to par with industry standards.

Learning Environment – While learning a rigorous discipline, one often tends to ignore the importance of a conducive environment and the role it plays in helping students build a powerful knowledge base. Digifine Academy’s graphic design classes are judgment-free, friendly and supportive spaces where students are constantly encouraged to put their best foot forward with original ideas. Here, students’ inputs and queries are prioritized and solved immediately so that their learning process does not get hindered unnecessarily.

Fees – An essential step to choosing a good graphic design course with placement is taking into account your budget constraints. Digifine’s graphic design classes are affordable and offer value for money along with no-cost EMI options for the payment of your course fees.