8 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Important for businesses and students in 2022

If you are a business or a student reading this, you might already have some idea about what digital marketing is and are probably wondering if it’s a pond worth dipping your toes in. Well, worry not, we’ve got you covered. 

From how digital marketing can help boost your sales if you’re a business to why it could give wings to your career if you’re a student, we will explain in detail why digital marketing is important for you today. 

Why Digital Marketing is important for today’s businesses 

There are a plethora of reasons why digital marketing could be the one thing you need to make your business thrive and here are some of them:

Some staggering stats which point at a promising future 

Nearly 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. Forbes reported this in 2017. So, if you haven’t taken Search Engine Optimization seriously yet, start now. 

By the end of 2022, video content will account for more than 82% of the content on the internet (Study by Cisco). It’s a whole new world for brands to explore in Video Marketing.  70% of consumers wish to learn more about products/services through content instead of traditional advertising (Content Marketing Institute). So, if you think traditional marketing will still work for you, think twice.  

90% of people have directly communicated with a brand via social media. If you haven’t set up an inventive and responsive social media profile for your brand yet, what are you waiting for?

Cost-effectiveness of online marketing 

Marketing online can save you precious bucks which you can invest into your business and use to provide more value to your customers. Here’s how:

Social media can serve as a customer service and feedback tool, which is much more cost-effective compared to a traditional option like solving queries over phone calls.

Traditional advertising techniques like TV Ads and Billboard Ads require a huge budget and are hard to measure and keep a track of. Online ads are much easier to manage and track. Digital Marketing can find target audiences much faster which will save you research costs.

Just performing active SEO can bring people who are searching for you right to your store-step. Or should we say, digital store-step. You don’t have to go looking for potential consumers by using trial and error methods. Isn’t this a cool benefit of digital marketing?

Give consumers exactly what they want

With savvy digital marketing tools in your hands, you can understand what your consumer wants and provide them with accurate and relevant content; nothing more, nothing less. This can make your audience appreciate you for not wasting their time and money by flooding them with tons of irrelevant content. Which in turn means more customer retention and conversion for you. This is one of the best reasons why digital marketing is important for your business. 

Target the audience you want to target 

Whom will you provide all that relevant and nifty content to?  If you will put it before someone who has no use for it, your efforts will be for naught. Digital marketing allows you to find the people who are looking exactly for what you are providing. 

You can create campaigns with exact parameters for your target audience and market only to them. This is one of the obvious reasons why digital marketing is important for business. 

These are only some of the many benefits of digital marketing. Are you convinced yet? We hope you are. Keep reading if you’re a student. 

Benefits of digital marketing for students 

If you’re a student wondering why digital marketing is important for students or if it’s worth investing in as a career, here are the reasons why you should totally go for it:

  1. The industry with huge demand

As more and more people start using the internet everyday, the need for online advertising is also steadily rising.  According to a study, the number of dynamic Indian web clients will rise to 666 million and the Indian online business market will be worth INR 7 trillion by 2023. This is only in India. Imagine the demand worldwide. Digital marketing as an industry,  has a wide scope in the near and far future.

So, if you were wondering whether you’ll have trouble finding jobs or staying relevant as a digital marketer, here’s your green signal. There is much to be accomplished in this field. 

  1. Freelancing opportunities

Digital marketing is a field, where freelancing is very much possible in almost all digital marketing roles. In fact, you could even say that digital marketing is well suited as a freelance career. With the growing use of internet and online working opportunities, the future of a freelancer in digital marketing is bound to be very profitable. 

You can work according to your terms, from anywhere in the world and always find plenty of job opportunities at your fingertips. This is one of the top reasons why digital marketing is important for students. 

  1. No specific educational background required

One of the best benefits of digital marketing as a career is that you do not have to be from any specific educational background to pursue digital marketing. Anyone who is interested can learn this skill and make a career in it. While there are some educational degrees with which it is easier to enter the industry, you can still always start from scratch without facing any major issues even if you’re a complete stranger to digital marketing.

At Digifine, we have courses which cover digital marketing from a to z, made easy to understand by our professional instructors. Our courses are designed based on industry standards and we offer hands-on experience with live projects. Digifine Digital Marketing Graduate Program offers an International Certification for Strategic Management Module and covers Programmatic Media Advertising along with Website Development using WordPress, letting you learn everything under one course.

  1. High-paying job opportunities

Another reason why digital marketing is important for students is the pay scale of digital marketing careers. As we have already mentioned, the demand for the digital marketing industry is quite high due to the rising number of internet users and the supply is low compared to that. There is and is going to be tremendous demand for skilled digital marketers in various positions like, media planning, content marketing, social media managing, etc. (check out our post on highest paying digital marketing careers here.)

So you can rest assured that you can have top-notch job opportunities and which pay well. 

Benefits of Digital Marketing in India

As the stats we provided above have already pointed at, the scope of digital marketing in India is growing faster each day and it will soon be a multi million dollar industry. 

With its huge population and the resulting number of internet users, there is always going to be huge demand for online advertising in the country. Adding to that is the change in lifestyle brought by the pandemic, where most people are getting used to shopping online, ordering food online, performing banking activities online, etc. 

All this points at a bright future for digital marketing and it is clear that there are multiple benefits of digital marketing in India, for a business as well as for students who are looking to make it a career. And that is all! We hope you gained some valuable insights from our article and understood why digital marketing is so important in this age. 

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